Savyour: Cashback & Discounts App Earn Rewards, and Withdraw Money 2024


Savyour: Cashback & Discounts App Earn Rewards, and Withdraw Money 2024

Savyour So friends, see here that I made one click and I have been given a reward of ₹ 2000000. By clicking here again, I will show you that after inviting a friend, when that friend joins, I will get a reward from this application. A reward of Rs 250 has been given for absolutely free

and not just one but countless other rewards, see this, keep clicking, see this, keep clicking and many more rewards have been given to me, so friends, first of all, here you I can see the balance that I have. In this application, after waiting ₹ 2500000 here, now you are not getting the option of Select Bank, it is okay, you have to watch the video carefully,

here we click on Select Bank, Now here is the interesting thing, I will tell you. Let me tell you that here you can take withdrawal in all the banks of Pakistan. You can take withdrawal in every bank from this application without any investment. Okay, if you

scroll down here, then you do I don’t have to worry here. It is not only bank, my brother, so see here, you are getting the option of Easy Paisa also. Okay, after that, if we go down a little bit here, then see here that your other brother Jazz Cash is also present here in which you are favorite.

Your methods are that we can take withdrawal in it, okay, inside this you can easily take withdrawal, I am going to take withdrawal inside Jais Cash, okay, here I select Jais Cash, after that you have to enter the account number of Jais Cash here. After that you have to write your mobile number here so that if there is any issue in withdrawal then

they can contact you. Okay, after filling all this information, I click on Save and Continue from here below. Friends, here you can see that the number of my cash above is the binder, okay, after the number binder, here the available balance is being shown to you that brother, you have 250

which you have to withdraw, okay. Here below you have to write the amount, now here what is the minimum withdrawal, at least how much money can we withdraw, here you can also withdraw ₹ 2000000, okay but we have ₹ 2500000, now see here that we have the OTP which It has been sent, now

I have received a message in which an OTP is written, I simply paste the same OTP here, after writing the OTP, click on Verify OTP, Okay, just do this little work. After that they are saying are you sure this detail is correct if you are taking withdrawal in cash like yours then if any issue arises later then we are not responsible for that then

you have to check all your information, here I have given my The information has been hidden, okay, so look here below, you are getting the button of Withdraw Now, let me show you this, see, okay, you are getting the button of Withdraw Now, you simply have to click on the Withdraw Now cap, brother, that’s all. If there is work, then here you can see that

we have made a withdrawal of Rs 250 in our Jais Cash account and it is written here that it will be transferred to your account within 48 hours. This amount will be transferred within 48 hours. It will be transferred to my account. Now why do you take tension? Your

brother always gives you proof, my brother, that’s why I have shown your number on my WhatsApp2, it will not be shown to anyone and only you will be shown that you are in this group. You have followed this channel and no one will show you any contact, join quickly, now why am I asking you to join.


I give updates in it, apart from that, I will get withdrawal from this application, ok about that withdrawal. I will post the screenshot. Our users know that if any withdrawal comes to us, then I share it in my group on my channel. So feel free to join it.

Okay, we will finish it from here. Now our sir is here. But the balance that was there is being shown here, currently it is being shown, I back it up, refresh it again here, and see if we have balance or not, then see

here, your cash badge will be shown. Now that means our cash back is not showing here because we have made a withdrawal from here. Now look here in the cash withdrawal below you will see that we have made a withdrawal and you can also see the time on it. Now this withdrawal is like It will be received, In sh Allah, I will definitely check it for you. Now let’s talk about how you can earn money from this application. Friends, see, there are different ways to earn money from this application, but this is the best way through which you can earn more. I will explain that to you a little further but

before that, I will explain to you some easy ways by which you will be able to earn more money from this application. Okay, so now what you have to do first of all is see here you have to come down and below you will find different brands. Now it seems that many friends think that brother, this is a fake application, so it is not a fake application, it is available on Play Store, it has a rating of 4.

6, I will also get you to check it, don’t take tension, now if it was fake then it would be very big. -The big brands never work with them. Now, Who are the big brands? So my brother, the ones who are working with them are Food Panda and Different, which are big

restaurants and different companies. They are working with them, okay here. But let me get you also checked and leave everyone else aside, brother, the biggest company is working with it, now you tell yourself what can be fake, no, the rest are just our excuses, we

can just sit and call it fake but we have made excuses. Only the one who wants to do the work will make it, the one whose intention is that brother, if I have to do the work, then he will do the work. Now let’s see for example that you want to earn money from the drawer, you have to click on the drawer here, Okay brother, you have clicked on the top of the drawer.

Now after clicking on the drawer, see here that the cash back of Rs. 1. 5 is being given to us, now what is this for us, see, many of us brothers and sisters do shopping from the drawer, okay when If you do shopping from the drawer, then you will not get anything from there, that is, you give them cash, etc. and a parcel of the same amount

comes to you, okay, what will happen with this application that you When you buy something from the application, okay, see here, I will show you the maximum and minimum. What you have to do is to click on Follow here and click on Get Cash Back. And here I am telling you the method

that you will be redirected to this brand application through this referral link, if you go and shop from there, if you buy anything, then you will get 1. 5 cashback, okay If you buy something worth Rs 1000, you will get 1:5 cash back out of Rs 1000. This is the benefit of this application.

Now see, many of our brothers and sisters say that Ali Bhai, we cannot do shopping, we do I do not want to go shopping. So tell me some way by which we can earn money from this application without shopping, so brother, your brother is present, you do not have to take tension, now someone else will do the shopping, you will earn money, okay, I will tell you how for that

here. But let’s go back and see above you are getting the option of Refer and Get Cash, this is a very interesting option that I have personally used, it is this, okay, click on Refer and Get Cash. Now as soon as you click, you will see a very

The interesting thing here is that you are being told to invite your friends and on the invite, you invite a friend and a friend of yours signs up for an account on this. You also get ₹ as a signup. For example, you joined through my link, ok, I will also get ₹ and you will also get ₹, ok,

I will give you my referral link. If you want to use it, do it, otherwise go directly to the store. Download it from I don’t need a referral. If you download it, you will get ₹. Okay, now after getting ₹ here, I will also explain to you how to withdraw and the

The issue is coming up. Friends are saying that brother, my balance is pending, my friend has joined and his ₹ 2500000 must be understood that if you do not do any shopping then the company will not get any benefit, so that ₹ 250 is pending. When you do any shopping, buy any product through this app, then

send me that link to your WhatsApp-web, it has been copied. Ok, now it is copied. Share it with your friends and enjoy. Now let’s go. Let me show you which is the application and how to

work. Yes, now you will think about how we get the withdrawal, I will show you the method of withdrawal, by the way, I have also shown you the withdrawal, simply click on the withdraw button here. Your earnings after withdrawal is a minimum ₹ 2000000.

The application is open in front of you. The name of The application is Save Your Cashback and Discounts. My brothers, if you come down, let me check for you here. The rating is 4. 6, it is not a small thing. It is of rail apps

and here you see that there are more than 1 million downloads. Now 1 million people are not crazy, those who are using it, so that they can get some benefit from it and many people. I have friends, I also know them, they use it for shopping from here.

Now see if they are using it then lakhs of people must be using it like this. 1 million is not a joke, ok now tell your friends that brother. Shop from here, and you will also get cashback, I will also get it, brother, the benefit of both is fine, so it is mandatory to share, share the video also so that they can understand the process,

it may not be that they are also abusing you that brother, we are If you are not getting cash back, and are not able to withdraw, then I have told you all the solutions in this video. Now see, there are 1 million downloads with a rating of 4. 6, it is straightforward, write ‘St Pay’, save your cashback and discounts, and download the application.

Do more have fun and like the video. Watch it. At this time of the night, I will show you the time. It’s 2 o’clock or 2 o’clock. Okay, see this. If we earn from ads,

my brothers, I am for you. If I can sit at night and make a video on a good application, then this is my right, it is my duty to like the video and subscribe to the channel, nothing will happen from this, neither you want to become rich nor I have become rich.

Summary: This article demonstrates how to earn rewards and withdraw money using an application. It explains the process of earning rewards by clicking, inviting friends, and receiving cashbacks while shopping through the app. Additionally, it guides users through the withdrawal process and emphasizes the legitimacy of the app’s features, providing proof of withdrawals and highlighting its compatibility with various banks and payment methods.

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