December’s Top Earning Apps Unveiled: Exclusive Insights & Offers 2023

Top Earning Apps

December’s Top Earning Apps Unveiled: Exclusive Insights & Offers!

Top Earning Apps Friends, like every month, December is also very special and let me tell you that every month I bring a special earning application for you all, very few people know about the latest offer that has come in December, if you also want to know about the loot. So please like the video. The application and offer that is going to be looted for you today is very cool and latest.

Understand that all the updates that have come in the end of November and the first week of December are available for you in this application from where you can You can earn easily, very few people know about it because on youtube there are 3 ways.

firstly by the tasks or things you have to do here, number two by making maximum referrals to these apps and number three by visiting these applications and just You are going to get benefit even on daily sign up, so immediately like the video and subscribe to the channel so that if you have not done anything special in 2023.

Top Earning Apps

Then in 2024 we are going to have a blast in which the people who have joined my channel will get You will get the benefit, let’s get started, here I have turned on the screen recording here for all of you, so guys, we are on a phone right now, look at this, the first application that is going to be in front of you, its name is Gold Pay, that is one.

Of the best platform where you can make easy earning, let me explain how, this is a digital gold investment platform, but neither do you have to make any investment because I never tell you like this, I just tell you what the free ones are, understand. Coming to the play option, here you will be seeing a jackpot of ₹ 1 lakh. Top Earning Apps

If I talk about the prices, you can check here yourself. The prices range from ₹ 1 to ₹ 10 lakh. How to get it is shown below. Your earning will be based on the way your lucky numbers come. Now examples have been given here, what are the lucky numbers.

Here you get tickets, you can choose lucky numbers from them and whatever jackpots come out. Your earning is there like I have 74 tickets left here, if I click on activate then here I can choose any number which is my lucky.

Top Earning Apps

okay it is a fire ball number and here I confirmed. Okay, this is what I did, I did this and again I did this, this is how I took the fireball number, done, you can also auto pick from above, that is up to you, okay as soon as you pick, you just have to wait for the result. And how in whatever result comes, your earning is done here. Now I will also show you how the withdrawal is done by applying withdrawal, like suppose I have just earned here, Top Earning Apps

let’s come to the play option, you can see it here. I have earned here, now the absolute earning is above 79, so let’s do it once the redeem option is coming here, you can unlock it after ₹ 1000000, so as soon as it reaches 100, we will You can unlock the account here. If you want to withdraw the unlocked amount, then proceed by selecting UPI and here the account is ₹ 10, so for ₹ 10.

I sold it and it will go to Withdraw Anywhere and have to enter it here. I have entered my UPI, so I select it and go to Sold Pay. Here you see that I have earned Rs. , that too has been withdrawn. This is a good thing about this application.

How will you get the money here, let me tell you. You know how to get money for tickets, you will get tickets through lucky draw, you can get referrals in three ways, you can see it here, it has also been explained here that you will get money on referral, you will get some gold on daily sign up.

When you buy, you will get it and you can use these tickets as your own. Earning is very easy here. The name of the next platform that comes is Chiller Pra Max. Very few people know that Chiller is an application and Chiller is earning here. How will the payment be done properly?

Something like this interface will come in front of you. Okay, and there is a new update, so I will install it. Okay, here their applications keep getting new updates. Look at this, so if you do not want to do it now, then remind me. You will be able to see all these tasks on the letter here. Okay, you can complete these tasks and get others to do it.

Okay, after earning, you will come to the option to redeem, so you can see it here. You can make redemption from ₹ 10 to ₹ 1, like I show you the redemption of ₹ 10, take this on this platform, I put it and clicked on done, you can see the withdrawal happening here and yours.

Top Earning Apps

This is the special thing about this application, see this, it will take couple of seconds and it is saying ‘It might take longer than expected’, we will leave it for now, so here you can see that your withdrawal has been successful, okay friends, now you You can also check the history, I just took a withdrawal here, this is a good thing.

plus here you earn 50% on referral also, this app is a good application, you can go and try Chiller Pro Max Next Application. Let me explain to you how Kraut gives you self income and that too in a very easy way. As soon as you go here, you will see a lot of banners here, one of which is the banner ‘Share and Share and Mr. Milestone and Win, you will click on it.

you will reach here, what do you have to refer, like I have seen here, now my name is on the top, here you have to refer, by referring you will get as many scratch cards as you refer here. You may get it in scratch card. Share here and win a scratch card every time by sharing, in which you can get anything up to ₹ ₹ ₹ ₹ 10.

Don’t think about it and see the earning again in front of you and not that There are only two rupees or you can see that ₹1 has come here, right and this ₹ has also come, so this is the special thing about this application, so this is the only thing left to refer if you do any shopping online or Offline, you will have the bill either digitalized or in actual, so what do you have to do with that bill, here you have to upload that bill in particular, look here, click on upload any bill, the

camera will turn on, here, according to that bill. From here you will earn, the activity is in front of you up to Paytm2, so you have to complete surveys here, you will get a scratch card on every survey, plus here you get the option to look at the top of the game, there is an icon of the game in which you can participate. You can earn a

good amount from here. There is a lot to try in this application. Next application is called M- Paisa. This application has grown very quickly. If I talk about redeem, you can see here. Every time I have redeemed, it has been successful and

I have withdrawn more than Rs 10,000 from this application. On inviting Pay Eater here, you also get different gift prices in which you get extra earning, so try that. You can do this plus you will also get this scratch card, every minute of playing the game is also amazing.

Top Earning Apps

The next application is Game Center, whatever is the latest one, here you will talk about cash out, you will not believe that if I here friends, ₹ I want to withdraw even Rs 10 and here, if not once then how many times a day you can withdraw, it will be done here, you have just earned, look, I have withdrawn Rs 10, this is a great thing, you can withdraw it by just downloading any application.

If the earning is done, see it is coming successfully, a message will also come on the top and you will see it on the screen. When you come to the home screen, here you will find games in which you get coins per minute of playing, like look here, look below along with it, there are many more. You will get games, don’t worry about the game, plus here you also get pup tasks and also to tame

serves etc. and you can see below, you also get the option of lucky spin in which if you spin, you will get a definite price. There is also an option of Fap coin, there is also a reward video and on inviting you also get a referral of 250 coins. Only Paytm2 has been downloaded, now it must have been more when I am making this video.

Yes, its name is Cash Ninja. Here you will look in the wallet and see how many times I have made withdrawals from here. Talking about withdrawals, the withdrawals that happen here are withdrawals for you. See, you can withdraw a minimum amount of Rs. I have just made a withdrawal for you.

This is also possible, if it is done then this is the special thing of any application. Look, the amount will also be less. Withdrawal has become successful. This is the special thing of any application, see this. It is done right now, here you will see.

You are going to get a lot of video play games, survey games tasks, plus 10000 coins are given separately for coming top in the leader board and top 16 get coins as soon as they get here, you can withdraw the earning as per your wish. Go to Tasks, Surveys, Surveys and many more, download them all tension free from the genuine platform and start your earning and do not repeat the same mistake you did in 2023 in 2024.

Keep a note of that too and tell what mistake you made. You are doing this due to which you are not earning, there is some small mistake happening, if it gets solved then you too will be able to earn like thousands and lakhs of people, okay then if you think that yes sir, I have made some mistake. This is happening due to which I am not able to earn so please do comment, your comment is very important for us.


Discover exclusive earning opportunities in December through a range of apps, including Gold Pay, Chiller Pro Max, Kraut, M-Paisa, Game Center, and Cash Ninja. Learn how these platforms offer diverse methods for earning rewards, from tasks to referrals, and get insights into their withdrawal processes and unique features.


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