Earn Free Money by Watching Ads: Step-by-Step Guide & Withdrawal Tips 2024


Earn Free Money by Watching Ads: Step-by-Step Guide & Withdrawal Tips 2024

Earn Free Money by Watching Ads First of all, you can see here that there is an application which is giving you ₹ 1 almost for free on creating an account and apart from that, if you complete the task i. e. watch an ad, then you will get ₹ 1 for watching an ad. ₹ are being given absolutely free without any investment, after that you can withdraw your earning from here.

Withdraw your favorite method, easy money like cash and bank transfer is given here, you can withdraw in all these methods. Which application is how to work on this application, complete details are given in today’s video. Assalam and welcome back to the basic

information pro. Friends, on your strong demand, today again such an earning app on which if you create an account, then You are being given approximately ₹ 1 absolutely free, apart from that, if you want to take withdrawal then there is withdrawal in Easy Paisa Jas Cash and on this application you can earn by watching ads, ok as per your demand, I always take the application.

Earn Free Money by Watching Ads

Come, if you watch one ad in this, you will get ₹ 2500000 for watching one ad, without any investment, without any work, okay, you just have to do one click and claim the ad, okay, I will not just talk, I will show you the work. How to do the work, listen step by step, watch the video carefully from beginning to end so that you do not miss anything, I had made a video yesterday,

in that also you have to earn by watching ads, however, I have given its complete post-mortem from A to Z. Did it but even after that there are comments below that brother how to do the work so brother we are selling some chickpeas in the video that brother you come like this and go after doing this work, complete details are explained for you so that you can watch the complete video. And if you understand, brother, please

watch the entire video before commenting. So let’s go to the mobile screen and start the video. Yes friends, the application has come on the mobile screen, many brothers are open in front of us. Sisters make a big mistake that they do not watch the entire video. See, it is your loss, not our loss. When you do not watch the entire video, you do

not understand. Then you are commenting and watch it. Okay, take out your 510 minutes. If you take it, it is beneficial for you, so in today’s video also, I am recommending you to watch it from beginning to end so that you can understand each and every thing.

Friends, see this application which is a very amazing application. I have shown you many applications. I have told you about the app which comes and stops after some time. Okay, everyone knows about it, so this is that unique application which is

going to run for a maximum of 10 to 15 days from here. Okay, let me tell you clearly. This application will run for 10-15 days, before that first start earning from this application and withdraw money without any investment. It’s ok. See the ads coming here, but you can’t see the ads like this. For this you have to activate the free plan.

Ok. How will you activate the free plan, see below you are getting a button in the center, you have to click on it and see the free plans will appear in front of you. I do not recommend you at all to go towards these paid plans, okay here. Even though I am not even showing you the paid plans, still we get

comments that brother, you had said to invest, so I am not at all telling you to invest because this application will also give you withdrawal for free and will also give you earning for free, so you can use it. Do the above work. In the future, if this application locks the withdrawal, then understand that the application is going to run.

Earn Free Money by Watching Ads

Okay, so what you have to do is see that the free plan is being given to you, its price is absolutely zero and in this you will get a PTC ad. It will be given a validity of 30 days and daily you will get Rs 225 for watching an ad and monthly Rs 50, your package money is coming out. You are getting something without investment,

see here, click on buy. And here you have to click on Yes, okay but before that you have to select the method, see wallet is written here, you have to click on Deposit Wallet, now we will click on Deposit Wallet and from here click on it Yes. If you give then see here sir, what is our plan, it has been subscribed absolutely free without any

investment, we have installed the plan here, now see here in the current package, you can see that our plan is A. It has been installed here, after that look here below you are getting the button for the task, it is ok, friends, you have to click on the task, unless you activate the free plan, then the ads you see here will not be shown,

ok. Look here, let’s click on the ad of the view and see here that our ad has gone into loading, it will be written here as Loading Ads. Okay, so here you have to wait for three to four seconds and it will start loading as soon as 100. % will be completed, after that you have to answer the question here.

Okay, whatever question comes in front of you, you have to answer it and click on Confirm Earn. If you click, then you will see successfully viewed this ad here. Whatever the ad is, it is there. You have watched it, okay friends, now what you have to do is that you have to click on the profile and simply

come to the home and see here that the first 999 we have got absolutely free on creating the account and see here ₹ 1 We have already earned ₹ 2500000 for watching one ad. Apart from that, if you want to increase your earning from here and you want me to form a team here and earn without referral, you can also take withdrawal from here. For that you have to

see here and click on commissions. When any commission is made at your place, it will be shown here. Okay, but we have not referred anyone yet, so no show is happening. If you want to do it then you can do so. Here you have to click on My Team. If you click on My Team,

you will be given a referral link. You have to simply copy it and share it with your friends. Remember, share my video a lot so that your friends can invest here. It is okay if you do not sit here and make a loss, then you have to share the video so that they also remain alert that

here we should not invest and how to work, now how will you increase the earning, I will tell you this also later, but Now let me tell you how you can withdraw from here, so friends, here you have to click on the profile and see here, you are getting the withdraw option, okay if you want to invite then you can get invited from here also. Ok, here you have to

click on Withdraw. As soon as you click on Withdraw, here you have to select the gateway. Now if you click on the gateway, then bank transfer will show you the amount of minimum withdrawal like cash transfer easy paisa. So we mostly take withdrawals in easy money, so here we write easy money and here we

write the amount. Okay, for example, how much money do we have, ₹ 1 24, so here sir, the limit has come that you can withdraw minimum 5500 from here. You can withdraw it, okay, till now we have 124, so we will not be able to withdraw 124.

when you have withdrawal within ₹ 5000000, you will receive it, okay, this is a very amazing application, above this you have You just have to do some hard work and just make one click and from here you have to withdraw your earnings. Okay friends, now let me tell you how you will create an account on this application. Just listen carefully because the issues you will face while creating the account. Come, I can understand that, so I always try to tell you the easy

steps by which you can create an account, so friends, the link is given in the description of the video, as soon as you click on the link, the application will open in front of you. First of all, if you face any problem, then in the description of the video.

I have written here only one word of ABC, I have not written capital i. e. big word, you have to write small words, it is okay and here only and only you have written name or ABC. You have to write like this, if you enter the number here then your user name will not be selected, you have to keep this thing in mind. Okay, now those who have skipped the video should understand that there is no need to create an account with it, that is why I am saying this.

The side effect is that you should not miss the video. Apart from that, here you have to give your email. If you live in Pakistan or any other country, then you can select it. There is no issue. Apart from that, here you have to give your mobile number and write the password. You have to type that password again here,

click on I Agree, click on Register Now, your account will be created immediately, as soon as your account is created, you will be given Rs. 999 for absolutely free. After that When you watch an ad here, you will get ₹ for watching an ad, but before that you have to activate the free plan.

Do not go towards paid plans and if you get any withdrawal, then you have to tell it by commenting and still you have not done so. Please comment and let us know how you liked today’s video. Inshallah, I am trying my best to bring videos for you with almost no investment and you can benefit from them, at least you will earn some money. If I

teach you any skill, then on skill. Neither do you give a response on the videos nor do you get any views, then we will teach you the tricks. If you want to learn high skills and earn in an easy way, then like this video and tell by commenting that you have. If you want to learn any skill.

The article introduces an application offering earnings by watching ads and creating an account. It emphasizes the opportunity to earn without investment, highlighting the withdrawal options available such as Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, and bank transfers. The author provides step-by-step guidance on activating free plans, watching ads for earnings, creating a referral network, and withdrawing earnings. The tutorial aims to help users navigate the app for profitable earnings without investments.

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