Discover a Lucrative New Earning ap App: Sign Up, Earn Daily, and Withdraw – Step-by-Step Guide 2024

ap App

Discover a Lucrative New Earning ap App: Sign Up, Earn Daily, and Withdraw – Step-by-Step Guide

New Earning ap App friends, I have brought a new earning application for all of you. This application has just been launched and as soon as it was launched, I immediately added its link to my site and you will see many sites on which many articles are posted daily.

They keep coming but even if I give one or two applications on my site in two-three days, I will give them the best application. Now look here friends, today one more application was found,  okay, so here I immediately threw it.

After that, I have one more application, this application is real, this application will work, it will give you a good amount of profit, that is why I have promoted it, that is, I have give it to you. Now here friends, this application is as soon as you register in it . Sign up bonus, you will get Rs 50.

ap App

Right here, you will find the link. An application has been launched by the name of AP Application. Now as soon as you click on the link, you will get to see some interface like this . First you have to enter your phone number, after that friends, you have to enter a password here, after entering the password, you

have to enter the same password again, after that you have to enter withdrawal. Now What is the withdrawal password? When you enter the Withdrawal Password, you must remember the Withdrawal Password. Just like after entering, you have to

click on Register. As soon as you click on Register, you will be registered in this application and your ID will be successfully created in this application. Now friends, as soon as you sign up, you can see what I have written here. I have already

told you that you will get a sign up bonus of ₹ and the withdrawal that is going to be done here will be a minimum withdrawal of ₹ 1. Friends, the The application that is in this is going to be daily income daily with a draw. Okay, so let’s be OK. After doing OK, you will see some interface like this.

ap App

Friends, Now there is an option to recharge here. Download There is an option of Online, there is an option of Withdrawal, so you can recharge in this application by clicking on the recharge option, Withdraw by clicking on download, you can also download and install this application and use it by clicking online and their customer support.

You can also talk to Withdrawal by clicking on Withdrawal, but before that you will have to add an account, still I will tell you further how to add a bank account along with how to recharge, I will tell you everything one by one now. Here friends, two types of plans are available, Daily Income Plan, Daily Income Plan One and Daily Income Plan Two,

currently there is no plan in Daily Income Plan Two, two or three plans have been launched in Daily Income One Plan, okay. And this application is going to give you tremendous profits. Okay, this application is here now. Friends, the first plan you can see is a plan of ₹ 4480.

In this, the daily income will be ₹ 10 and the total income will be ₹ 1 600, which means 90 days. This application comes with the validity of this plan, now friends, you will get 50 sign up bonus, you can withdraw that sign up bonus with it, it is not that you cannot withdraw it, so here like you have done the plan of 480.

Purchased and got Rs 140, now your minimum withdrawal is Rs 1 with minimum withdrawal, now that Rs 50 will also be added, so yours will be Rs 10, next day you will withdraw Rs 10, just like that, friends, see the next plan here. You get ₹ 5000000, it will continue to be so and it also comes with a 90 days’ ballot.

Now friends, the next plan that you can see is a plan of Rs. 8000, In this the daily income comes with ₹ 2000000 days’ ballot and here is the plan which is friends. You can see that if it is not launched yet, it will be launched after some time. Well, what do you have to do now?

If you want to make more profit, then you should try to get a plan of Rs. 3500, in which you will get a daily income of ₹ 1000000. If you are going to go, then you work well here and get profit.

ap App

Now friends here, it is possible that many people may not be able to recharge, so to recharge, I will tell you that you have to click on recharge, right click on recharge. After this, I have to enter the amount here, now like I have to purchase this plan of Rs 3500, okay, here I will click on recharge, I will write 3500 here, I have written here, I will click on confirm recharge, I

will click on the first one here. You will see it, click on it and as soon as you click on the first one, it will open a little bit here, after that something will happen. This type of interface will be seen, otherwise yes friends, it is fine, as soon as you make the payment, then you will get an option here to enter UTRO 12 digits.

As soon as you make the payment, after making the payment, there will be an option UTRO. That link will be generated, you have to copy that number and paste it here and do OK, then you have to come back, friends. After doing this, you have to come back. After coming back, friends, your account will be recharged here.

And after recharge, click on buy now here and say yes and this The plan will be bought and from the next day you will start getting ₹ 1. Now as it is 1014, today you have purchased the plan 10/ Your money on 10/14 will be added to your wallet by ₹ 1 tomorrow and you can immediately withdraw it tomorrow

and it will be credited to your account within 24 hours of withdrawal, meaning. We keep the maximum of 24 hours but within 5 to 6 hours the money gets credited to your account and if it does not come within 5 to 6 hours then wait for 24 hours, the money will be credited to your account. Now friends, what is this? If you want to earn by referring someone and register through your link, then

click on the invite option here, then the copy option will come here, click on copy and you can share the link to anyone. If he joins through your link, you will also get profit in it. Friends, you can see your team by clicking on the team here. Let’s

talk about withdrawal, so before talking about with withdrawal, I will also show you the withdrawal here. Well, first of all you I have to go to My. After going to My, friends, here you have to click on Personal Information and click on My Bank.

After clicking here, you have to fill in the essential details. First of all you have to fill your Name has to be entered, then phone number has to be entered , after that, bank account number has to be entered, then the bank number has to be entered, After that I have to enter the ASC code. Here the withdrawal

the password that I told is the withdrawal. After doing this you have to click on confirm, like if you do this and click on confirm, your bank account will be added here, then I will fill everything and click on confirm. Now friends, I have filled everything here, after filling.

ap App

Click on confirm and as soon as you click on confirm, it will show saved successfully. Your account will be added here, After that friends, after the account is added, you have to come back. After coming back, friends, you have to go home.

What to do after going to the home, you have to click on Withdrawal and here as much as your withdrawal amount is, I am giving it by clicking on Withdrawal All, the minimum withdrawal amount which is here is ₹ 10, like ₹ 10 will be the amount you can withdraw . OK, now here I have entered the amount, it will be credited to my account after deducting tax on Rs.10.

Now here I have to enter the withdrawal password, so enter the withdrawal password. I have entered the withdrawal password. Enter. After doing this, we click on confirm and the successful operation is shown

here. Now if we go back, you can see here that ₹ 700 means ₹3000, I withdrew ₹ 2700 means tax deducted at ₹ 10 and here Now

it will show success here, this money will be created in your account and as soon as it is successful.


The article introduces a newly launched earning application and guides users through its registration, plans, recharging process, and withdrawals. It emphasizes sign-up bonuses, daily income plans, and the withdrawal process, encouraging users to join and profit from referrals. The step-by-step instructions explain how to set up accounts, recharge, purchase plans, and withdraw earnings.


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