“Make Money Online Easily with Free Book Summaries No Products, Website, or Followers Needed”

Make Money Online

“Make Money Online Easily with Free Book Summaries: No Products, Website, or Followers Needed”

Make Money Online this has to be one of the easiest ways to start to make money online and I quite honestly wish I knew this earlier because you don’t actually need to sell any products you don’t need to have your own website and you don’t need any social media followers to start to make money online now you would be paid anywhere from $5 to $15 every single time you do this and

I will tell you how to actually set up a system that will allow you to kind of do this on autopilot so you see if you go over to Jad GPT and you ask Chad GPT for a list of 20 30 40 or 50 different best book niches is going to give you some ideas as to what you can target and it’s going to give you different niche ideas which for me is very important because you always want to stick only to one single niche whatever it is that you’re trying to do online now Make Money Online

Make Money Online

I’m going to be honest from the start this is obviously not going to make you rich and this will not make you millions of dollars but it’s also one of the easiest ways to just start to make money online now you can now go through these different niches that chpt has suggested and then you can ask chpt to then give you top 10 best books in that particular niche Make Money Online

now I’m just going to go with the self-development niche in this case and we’re now getting just quite a few ideas here so I’m just going to pick one of these top 10 books in The self-development Niche let’s say Atomic habits this is a very popular one and in a second I will tell you how to actually use literally any top book in any niche to start to make money online for completely free and don’t worry you don’t need to sell any books you don’t need to read any books and Make Money Online

you don’t actually need to become an author what I recommend you just do is just write a brief summary of literally any book that you found through chat jpt or just by searching on Google for top books in that niche and you can either write those summaries yourself you can write those summaries with Chad GPT or you can use some of the AI tools Make Money Online

Make Money Online

it will do that for you I’m going to go with this as your writing AI tool this is completely optional bear in mind this is probably not a free tool so if you’re just starting out you don’t have to pay for any a tools or whatsoever just go to cgpd or write it yourself so what I would basically just do is again I would copy the name of that book and copy Make Money Online

the author as well and just type in summary of that book click generate title once you have have the title generated I can also generate SEO keywords which will hopefully help me rank a lot higher then just click on run and now that article will be generated for you in a few seconds as you can see I’ve already generated quite

Make Money Online

a few book summaries here but either way while that is being generated you would go to cana.com and sign up for completely free because this is a graphic design tool where we can create promo designs even as a complete beginner so if I type in for example book promo over here it’s going to give me quite a few different templates and mockups that I can easily use so let’s say I’m going to go with this one over here just click and customize this template Make Money Online

and now obviously most importantly we actually need the book cover so what I would do is I would just go to Google search for Atomic habits book cover go to images and then just download one of these then I just change the color here and I’m going try to adapt it to the actual color of the book and then what it would say is free book now I know you what you may be thinking right now like how am I going to give a free book and make money well just stick with me in a second Make Money Online

I will tell you exactly how to actually do this now once you’re done creating your free book design you would just have to download that by clicking on the share button click download as PNG and now it’s going to be downloaded to your device now you would go back if you’ve Ed this AI tool you can see that the entire article has been generated a full summary of atomic habits book it even has these key takeaways and it really provides value if you rip through it it’s not like it’s completely Make Money Online

AI generated it sounds like someone actually put a lot of effort into writing this entire book summary so now I can copy this with one press of button and I can use it to make money but how do I actually make money well you see there’s this platform called audible where you can actually listen to different audio books and if we go to the search bar here and we search for this Atomic habits book or for any other book that you found through chat GPT or a simple Google search Make Money Online

you can find that book on here so someone can actually get this book they can listen to it but you see if you give them an affiliate link for audible they can actually get this book for completely free so just go to Google search and search for audible Creator program and that’s going to tell you that audible affiliate program actually pays $5 when someone sign ups for completely free through your link and when they sign up for completely free they can also get two books for free as well now in this case I will be promoting Atomic habits so people can get this book for free Make Money Online

they don’t have to actually pay for anything and I will get $5 each time someone sign ups through my referral link for audible to sign up you will just have to click on become an affiliate it’s a pretty straightforward process and you see if someone were to click on my affiliate link that will be taken to Atomic habits sales page on Amazon where they can start off for Frey as you can see they can sign up for free and when they sign up for free they get the book but I get paid $5 plus an additional $10 if they actually end up paying for audible afterwards also creating Amazon affiliate links is pretty easy Make Money Online

you basically just go to that listing or go to that book and then at the top right corner on the left side you can just generate text short link and you can copy that with one press one press of a button and if someone clicks on that link they will be redirected to that exact same sales page where you earn $5 every single time someone sign ups so what you can do right now is you can go to medium.com which is a platform that’s being visited by millions of people around the world Make Money Online

but it also allows you to rank pretty high if you share different articles and blog posts like let me tell you this if I go to the story section I recently published a story about YouTube Automation and different YouTube automation Niche ideas and if we go to the statistics here we go to story stats Make Money Online

Make Money Online

we can see that this so far gained over 720 views so people are actually reading these articles and I’m sending people to different links in this case the link is going to be audible affiliate link so if we just click on right then I will use my AI tool to copy this entire article I will paste the article here and Make Money Online

I will also take the title out of the article and just place it where it belongs and it belongs right here now below there I can also add my promo design from kma which essentially says that this book that they’re reading a summary of they can get it for completely free if they just click the link so I can just say click here to claim Atomic habits book for free and to add it a little bit of authority you can just say on Amazon so they know it’s nothing Shady Make Money Online

 or whatsoever you’re literally just sending them to Amazon where they can claim it for free so you will just highlight that and insert your affiliate link your Amazon affiliate link just goes here now you can also highlight that Port make it bold and copy that exact same call to action and paste it throughout the entire article so again if someone stumbles upon your summary it’s because they’re interested in reading that book or they’re just going to read the summary Make Money Online

and think like okay I actually want this book where should I get it well now you’re just giving them a link where they can get that book for completely free so you are providing some value you’re solving a problem and you’re being paid $5 to $10 every single time someone clicks and sign ups through your link and gets the book for free so now what you want to do is you just want to publish this on to medium.com and that is not going to be the last step there’s one more step if you really want to maximize your results so in this case I just type in some keywords like Atomic habits or Atomic habit summary and then

I will publish this onto medium and yes it can get traffic from medium and it can get traffic from Google search but I want more so what I would do is I would copy the link to this book summary and I would go to Facebook and I would just join different self-development groups so I would go to the groups section here and we can find tens of thousands of members inside of these groups so what you can do is you can start joining these groups Make Money Online

you can start providing a little bit of value and you can tell people that they can either get that book right away for free or just share your summaries on medium because that’s going to help you boost your account on medium so it can be seen by more people on the platform and it’s going to help you rank higher on Google when they notice that you are sending some external traffics if you really want to maximize your results you can just share sh Make Money Online

your article links in these different Facebook groups to maximize your chances of getting people signed up through your link again each sign up is $5 and this literally takes less than 30 seconds to generate this entire summary which you can copy and paste back to medium and just repeat until you have at least 10 to 20 book summaries published into medium.com

every single day just repeat the process for as long as possible to get as many signups and as many clicks onto your affiliate link and to see how I personally make money online and how I would personally do all of this make sure to C the first link in the description box down below I really hope you got some value out of this post if you did make sure to drop a comment and I will see you next time

**Summary:** This article outlines an easy method to make money online without selling products, owning a website, or having social media followers. It involves providing book summaries and promoting affiliate links for free book offers on platforms like Audible and Amazon. The process includes generating summaries using AI tools, creating promotional designs, and sharing content on platforms like Medium and Facebook groups.


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