How to Earn Money Watching Videos – Review 2024


How to Earn Money Watching Videos – Review 2024

How to Earn Money Watching Videos So hello friends, how are you? So hello, do tell me by commenting below and I hope that you will be well before you and for all of you, in today’s video, get an earning application where you can earn money by watching videos. Many of you brothers were asking me, brother, is there such an up-lock where we can watch videos and get money in return for watching videos, but before moving ahead in the video, I very much welcome all of you friends for exploring.

Look inside the video of New Kamal, brother, in today’s video, the earning application is going to be told, this application has just come in the market, there is nothing to do here, you watch videos like you watch videos like you watch videos on Facebook. In the name of this type, I have seen it with all my heart, similarly I have to watch it here and see it live in front of you, here I am watching the video, okay and the video that I am watching here, you people must be watching it for free, but I am getting gas in return.

I am getting money, how is I getting the same trick gas? In today’s video, I will tell you all and after watching the video, you can earn money. The more videos you watch here, the more you will get 28 rupees for watching each video.

I will tell you the income of rupees in front of the laptop and what I told you, Sir, by investing money in petrol, I will tell you the proof here. Many of you must be thinking that here we will have to invest money for this, so how, I i want to tell you all. Everyone does not have to spend even a single pack from their pocket. You can earn income without investing any money and the aim of our team is to

find a single pack for all of you. If you are not engaged on the video, if you guys get makeup done for free, then first of all you guys check my balance here, how much balance do I have, so now before you guys will be able to check, I have 300094, okay, so live in front of you, which I have earned. I have kept more than 750 rupees,

brother, I will tell him live about the income by putting petrol here and gas here, if you see I am still a little scared to redeem the gas of Rs 750 in front of all of you and show you the proof, so here you all have checked my balance that I have 3000 94 paisa and 78 paisa, so let’s go.

Quickly, in front of all of you, I am showing the proof of what I did to them by putting them in the bedroom, so see, after watching the video here, What is the income of ₹ 19530 coins? Okay, so let’s quickly put it as redeemer, then the redeemers are here. Clicked on the

read button, after clicking on the read button, I have selected my country here. Okay, so I bought gas here and got two options. Two options have been given in India. Inside this application, you people can I also go to Paytm. You can take money through UPI or even through Paytm.

Brother, I I wanted money through Paytm, so I took it from Paytm. After selecting it, let’s click on this button. After clicking, look here, tell me what is here. To enter the Paytm number and then enter the full name here, so let’s do it quickly, here I enter my Paytm number, okay and after that I

enter the name here, okay, anything from you here. If you can enter the name even before then there is no problem, it is ok like I have seen here and have entered my name and after entering the name here, I am waiting to see whether the Paytm number is correct or not because whoever gives the Paytm number will get the money.

So here I checked this with Paytm number, after that let’s do it quickly and clicked on the ‘Continue’ button, after that see, here you can redeem it for Rs 25, you can redeem it for Rs 50, you can redeem it for Rs 100. You can invest here, you can invest ₹ 150 in cash and ₹ 250 for ₹ 500.

Okay, so first of all, see ₹ 500, click on the redeem button here and redeem ₹ 500. You can see here and are ready. Brother, there is a little time loading delay here brother and after applying the radium, within 5 minutes you get it ready here, then

look here, it is applied and here it is pending and here it takes 5 minutes to approve it. When it happens, let’s wait here for 5 minutes. Let’s see what time it is. It’s 2:26. So let’s

Hurry up. I’ll wait here for five minutes and after that, as soon as the payment comes, it will be here. Let me show you the proof, brother, it took a little more time here, but within 14 minutes, I have received the payment of ₹ 500, it is okay, there is relief in the small rate, so it is received in a minute or two.

It was a Redmi worth Rs 500, it took some time, so let’s open Paytm and see here live in front of you, I refreshed my Paytm wallet. Okay, I refreshed the Paytm wallet which was there and it is getting refreshed here and as if it is getting refreshed.

Look, my balance has been filled to the tune of Rs 3000 594, the full amount is Rs 500. You can see the payment here. It was received at 2:40. You can check the proof from you inside my Paytm wallet. How do you live in front of you with petrol here?

Tell me and how can you people also invest income petrol on this, like I did and also I have balance, so whatever gas will be in front of you, sir, after redeeming the money with them, I will tell you how to watch every video as per the number of videos you watch. After 28 rupees, I will make it live in front of you, I will

also show you the proof of this here, there is more inside the video, it is okay, so you guys watch the video half- heartedly, you will not understand anything and before moving ahead in the video, for all of you friends. And there is good news for all of you. In today’s video, I will tell you all about how to get free Paytm for ₹ 500 on WhatsApp. First of all, let me tell you this thing

and then for children to participate in life, first of all, what should I say to you? Whatever video you are watching, first of all like this video, subscribe to it, set the bell icon on Dhaba, after that comment with your Paytm number with good love and whoever comments well.

Both of them will be given a gift of ₹ 250 in the world absolutely free from me, but there are some conditions for that, first of all sir, this is the bearer that you all will have to watch the video completely, if you watch the video completely, then there will be a game video and maximum. If you share this video to people then your chances of becoming a Give Me will increase and see

here how like 50 people will come in today’s video and what kind of money will you send from this, then everyone participate quickly and Now the matter will be over. Guys, wait for you, income is how to earn money, for that first open the description and if you are opening the description then first of all tell all of you how let me steal the telegram channel and learn on telegram

also how to make money. I wish that if Give Aave etc. comes, it will be beneficial from there also, then join the Telegram channel and try it. After that, you will get the link of the application simply by paying here. Simply click on it and install the application from here.

Ok, absolutely new. So inside that you all have to follow these, let me explain to you all in details, first of all look at the application, first install it, open it, you will see some interface like this, then here you will get a content Google button, simple click. All you have to do is

sign up here with your Gmail account. After signing up, see guys, something like this will appear in front of you and will show your balance here. Okay, so see what you will have to do for this, tell me, look here, there are many offers here. Walls will be available to all of you, okay, so how will I

tell you from here without them, first of all look here, you will find a game button, click on it, after clicking, you will see A which is written here, you will click on it, otherwise. To install an up, you will be asked to do it from the Play Store and then look here. After doing it every minute, you will get 12 coins in total.

Here you can earn 792 coins. After that, if you come down, look here, you will get another up button. Click on it, you have to install it and here just open the application and leave it. So will you keep getting these coins here? This thing

is ok brother, so this is the thing, so here you guys get daily information and daily news. New, gas apps are available here which can be used for this, games etc. are also available here, okay, so this thing is very good for you here, you can do it by playing games, after that see, there are two

areas, one tag, one survey, okay. So here you will come to the tax area before you, then you will get all the offers here in the morning, so you have to complete it, below you will get the survey etc. Okay, and by clicking on the view, you can check all the servers here.

From which server, after that when you come to watch video, you will get two categories like here the first one is the best brother, okay here you do not have to do anything, simply see here, I have watched even one video, so to watch the video. First of all you will have to click on the download option, you will have to

install the one which is available on the Play Store, so like I have installed this application, after that click on the button which color it is, brother will tell the one which is showing here, That is the color below. Okay, to tighten it, you all will have to choose the color, okay, and after that, you can also pay the value here, then a video will play.

Okay, a small video ad will play, so you have to watch that video after that. Cut it and after that it will become less complete, after that you guys watch the video again, okay, total here you have to watch 100 video ads like this and after that how you guys can redeem, okay so after watching 100 videos.

People redeemed a good amount in exchange for the show video, after that gas to watch more videos, all of you took the watch button again and went to pay TV here and also gas inside it, you all will get all the videos, short video, long video, all the videos. You all can do it by watching the gas. Okay, so this is the thing, so here you all

want to watch videos etc. , then you can earn income by doing it now. Okay, this is done, after that the gas, you all see the bottom side here. Aa sections are found here, by clicking on this, you will get all the main categories of the survey. After getting each and every survey,

offers etc. are available in the next section. Okay, and after that, at the same time, here you can only invite your friends. If you do it, then click on the invite button and refer your friends to Dhaba here and you can earn income through referral also, here and brother here, the

most important thing in Stand Ready is this, I will tell you here, see here. I will redeem 250 rupees, he clicks on the button in the world, he has to redeem the income, then he clicked on redeem and after that he will come down here and ₹250, I have taken it, look here, ready Maurya and within a second.

Look, if it was ₹ 250, then within 1 second the payment has been received from here, okay, the redemption has been done, okay, it took time for ₹ 500 to come, it does not take time for ₹ 250, so here it is done immediately, okay here. Look, I have opened Paytm wallet, my balance is also flooded and I have got a total of ₹ 250 and ₹ 500.

This will make me i live here. If I told you the proof in this matter, then brother, likes are distributed on this matter, if you believe the video then like it loudly. Go and brother, if you want to understand anything then ask me, brother, we will meet in the next video,

till then all of you take care.


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