Comparing Web Developer and DevOps Engineer Salaries: Exploring High-Paying Tech Skills in 2024

tech skills

“Comparing Web Developer and DevOps Engineer Salaries: Exploring High-Paying Tech Skills”

tech skills Web developer versus DevOps engineer who do you think gets paid more according to a report by dice web developers get paid around $87,000 per year whereas a DevOps engineer makes around $136,000 now there are thousands of posts covering web development on google but there are not many that cover the other higher paying Tech skills.

in this post we’ll cover five such high paying Tech skills before we begin I’m not saying that learning web development or other popular skills that you hear about is a bad choice there are good reasons why they are so popular and salary is not the only thing that you should consider when picking a technology.

there are other factors to consider like ease of learning your background and future prospects having said that supply and demand determine your value in the job market If an employer has a lot of candidates that know a particular technology it can choose to pay them lower so knowing the areas which have supply and demand mismatch can help you find hidden opportunities and that’s what I want to help you with in this post tech skills

tech skills

 Number five

 We have go programming language imagine a language that is as easy to learn as python but as powerful as C++ that’s go go also known as goang is a relatively new programming language created by Google in 2009 it has quickly gained popularity among developers due to its Simplicity efficiency and versatility go is a general purpose programming language which means that it can be used for a variety of tasks from building web services to Cloud native applications. tech skills

go can do it all go has buil-in support for concurrency which is the ability to run multiple tasks simultaneously this makes it ideal choice for developing high throughput and low latency systems go can help you get jobs like Cloud engineer and backend engineer but how much can you expect to get paid if you know go according to the same dice report that I mentioned earlier programmers who know go can make around $145,000 per year go also ranks sixth among the skills with fastest growing salary.

if you remember from earlier I did say that go is as powerful as C++ well that is not completely true while go is faster than most other modern languages is it still cannot match the performance of C++ that’s because at the end of the day go uses a garbage collector for memory management this is done to make a programmer’s life easier but it comes at the cost of performance to truly match the performance of C++ tech skills

tech skills

Number four

We have rust at number four in the world of low-level programming rust stands out as a rising star when the speed of execution beats all other requirements for example in operating system kernels or game development rust is the preferred modern Choice rust ensures memory safety through ownership and borrowing system tech skills

this means that code is immune to memory leaks and other common programming pitfalls rust is constantly ranked among the most L programming languages in recent times so how much does it pay to no rust if you have rust in your skill set you can expect to make around $137,000 per year

 tech skills

Number three

 Moving on at number three we have Docker and kubernetes if you’re a DevOps engineer you would already know what Docker and kubernetes is but for others Let Me Explain real quick imagine that you are a chef and you have just perfected your Grandma’s secret lasagna recipe you want to share it with the world but

you also want to make sure it tastes exactly the same no matter where it’s cooked that’s where Docker comes in Docker is like a portable kitchen that lets you package up your entire cooking process the ingredients the utensils the oven temperature and everything you can package it all up into a neat little container this container and its copies can then be shipped to any Kitchen in the world and the lasagna will taste exactly the same as if you made it yourself in the software World Docker does the same thing for applications tech skills

it lets developers package up their code libraries and dependencies into containers which can then be run on any computer without worrying about compatibility issues this makes it very easy to share and deploy applications and that’s why Docker has become so popular if Docker is the portable kitchen kubernetes is the catering company tech skills

that acts as the central coordinator ensuring that all the kitchens are working together seamlessly in the software world kubernetes automates the deployment and management of containerized applications kubernetes would restart failed containers scale the application up or down and roll out new versions of the application that’s too much information let’s get to the good part how much do DevOps skills like Docker and kubernetes pay you can expect somewhere around $139,000 as we discussed earlier kubernetes automates the management of containerized applications but where do these applications actually run these applications run on a group of servers or nodes which is also called kubernetes cluster tech skills

Number two

 These servers would usually exist in Cloud which is what we have at number two AWG CCP and Azure are some of the most popular Cloud providers they provide services like Google kubernetes engine or Amazon elastic kubernetes service that can help you manage your kubernetes cluster but these are not the only Services they provide

if you look at AWS these are some of the services AWS offers gcp and Azure would also have their own versions of these Services each of these services does a specific thing for example Amazon E2 lets you rent virtual servers on cloud AWS Lambda lets you run your code on the cloud without without worrying about maintaining and scaling your servers tech skills

so when I say learn Cloud what I actually mean is to read about different services available on cloud and their use case when should you use which service how to configure and use the popular cloud services to learn all these things you can do a cloud certification all Cloud providers including AWS gcp and Azure offer these certifications with Cloud skills you can expect to get paid around $145,000 tech skills

Number one

At the top we have map reduce imagine that you have a massive pile of books and you need to count how many times a specific word appears across all of them if the number of books is very large the task would be very difficult and that’s where we need map reduce think of map reduce as two stage process mapping and reducing in the mapping stage you divide the work among many servers also called helpers each helper takes a book reads it and creates a list of all the words and their counts they then hand over these lists to the reducing stage in the reducing stage another set of helpers combines the list from mapping stage they add up the count for each word across all the lists giving tech skills

you the final tally of how many times that word appears in the entire pile of books map ruce operation is done with the help of Hadoop Hadoop is an open source framework that stores and processes large amount of data and map ruce is hadoop’s processing engine if none of this makes any sense right now that’s fine you can read more about it if you plan to become a data engineer in terms of salary you can expect somewhere around $146,000 as I said in the beginning of this post if you not convinced about these five Technologies and want to stick to safer time tested options like python Java and JavaScript that is completely fine watch this video where I share three road maps to Learn Python Java and JavaScript my name is sahil and I’ll see you in the next one tech skills

**Summary:** This article compares the salaries of web developers and DevOps engineers, highlighting the importance of considering various factors beyond just salary when choosing a technology career path. It then delves into five high-paying tech skills, including Go programming language, Rust, Docker and Kubernetes, cloud computing, and MapReduce/Hadoop.


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