13 Websites That Pay You Daily: Make Money Online Up to $50 an Hour With These Online Opportunities

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13 Websites That Pay You Daily: Make Money Online Up to $50 an Hour With These Online Opportunities

Make Money Online I found 13 websites that will pay you daily and you can make up to $50 an hour with some of them and my team and I did a ton of research for this post over a 100 hours of work and we wanted to find the absolute best opportunities and also some that you have never heard of before

I can almost guarantee you that you’ve never heard of number one on the list for instance so if you appreciate all that hard work, go ahead and gently tap that like button and let’s jump into it with number one on the list which is going to be virtualbabysittersclub.com this company is solving parent problems, if you know what I mean and they don’t have to worry as much at least about the kids and this company was created during the pandemic when parents were working from home or at least trying to work from home while simultaneously making sure that their kids don’t go crazy and also drive them crazy.

Make Money Online

so yeah I think this is an awesome business idea and from all the information I’ve gathered online from people giving testimonials they make around $9 to $27 per hour so yeah really good one easy to get started obviously you have to be someone who’s good with kids but this is one where it should be relatively easy to get stable work and you could even potentially earn a full-time in income online. I’m going to give this one an 8.5 out of 10 opportunity score Make Money Online

Next is going to be handy.com it connects people who need household services like cleaning repairs and installations with professionals that can do those things. They offer all kinds of different tasks right they offer home cleaning furniture assembly TV mounting wall hanging bathroom remodeling kitchen remodeling major renovations.

Make Money Online

they also offer office cleaning vac rental cleaning home theater AV setup hiding TV wires soundbar installation TV installation TV wall mount installation furniture assembly bed assembly office furniture assembly desk assembly grill assembly dresser assembly outdoor furniture assembly exercise equipment assembly right.

I can tell you moving for instance you can make a ton of money doing that now they’re not very open about how much they pay on the website but according to testimonials and reviews online cleaners earn about $14 to $16 per hour and handymen generally earn about $18 to $20 per hour but there’s some jobs such as mover that can earn up to $40 an hour so if you’re okay with doing a little bit of work getting your hands dirty this could be a great opportunity for you. I’m going to give this one a 9 out of 10 opportunity score

Next is a very interesting website and that’s going to be ejury and this is an online platform where participants will review legal cases and provide feedback to attorneys that will help them prepare for the trial because why gossip about your friends when so there’s also onlineverdict.com there’s jurytest.net there’s signupdirect.com there’s resolution research there’s jury signup.com there’s trial jurors.com Make Money Online

there’s jury solutions and all of them have different payment methods some of them will pay you via Paypal some of them it’s a check and they also pay differently per hour in some cases they don’t pay you per hour do they just pay you per case but usually it ends up being between $12 and $25 an hour so yeah this is a legitimate way of making. Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Alright all right so next I’m going to go over four different websites that kind of do the same thing but I’m also going to explain the differences between them as well so I’m going to go over freelancer.com fiverr.com upwork.com and guru.com so these are all basically freelancing websites.

freelancing is basically where you go out there and you offer your services as a contractor so it would typically be a short duration of offering a service sometimes it might be as short as just a few hours sometimes it might be as long as a few months and in rare cases.Make Money Online

Make Money Online

it may actually end up turning into a long-term partnership now fiverr.com tends to be more on the doing services one-time type of thing so you might work with someone on a service that takes you an hour or maybe a few hours and then you probably never work with them again then upwork tends to be more for like higher tier type of jobs that in many cases might take a month or several months and guru and freelancer are somewhere in between they kind of do a little bit of both.

you’re going to be able to build your skills but it’s kind of like entrepreneurship with training wheels so yeah I’m going to give this one a 9.5 out of 10 opportunity scoreMake Money Online

I’m actually going to combine two different companies and that’s going to be Etsy and printful and Etsy is basically a marketplace where you can advertise different physical products and typically these are kind of original physical products so you’re not just you know selling stuff on Amazon that you source from China at least you’re not supposed to so they’re supposed to emphasize creativity and originality and then printful is a hosting platform that will actually do all the fulfillment for you

so when you combine those two things together you basically have the marketing and the fulfillment taken care of which means literally all you have to do is just design the product so that’s pretty cool right and realistically speaking you’re probably going to have to do a little marketing at the beginning but in some cases it will actually just take off and they’ll advertise it for you.

When it comes to inventory storage shipping etc and it’s all taken care of by Etsy and printful so yeah I think print on demand is a huge opportunity right now it’s going to be even bigger in the future I think once they start doing print on demand for 3D printed items I think it’s going to be like a trillion-dollar industry it’s going to be insane so I’m actually really excited about this industry the more I look into it the more opportunity I see and I still think it’s in its infancy at this point so yeah uh really cool one I’m going to give it an 8 out of 10 opportunity score

Next is going to be a YouTube educational channel I think it’s probably the absolute best opportunity out there you see super smart people like billionaires with the all-in podcast creating YouTube content

you see super smart business owners who are making like $50 million a year shut their businesses down stop doing paid ads and go all in on creating content such as YouTube like Alex horoi you need to know about this being the biggest opportunity and what I really emphasize here is stop listening to what people are telling you to do and start paying attention to what they are doing right so all these different channels telling you to you know oh make money trading in the stock market or make money investing or make money doing this make money doing Airbnb make money doing Amazon FBA Make Money Online

what are they actually doing they’re making money by making content okay so start paying attention to what people are doing right making content right now is the biggest opportunity and YouTube is the King Kong number one platform for making content establishing a brand and building authority and on top of that it’s the number one platform for very importantly making money this channel makes over six figures a month

I’ve also helped a bunch of other people get to the six-figure a month level and it’s really not that hard to do if you pick the right Niche. YouTube is absolutely awesome this one I’m going to give a 10 out of 10 opportunity score Make Money Online

Alright so next one on the list is going to be a very simple one and that is looking at stuff and this would be with a website like wego look.com and basically what you do is you look at different stuff from companies and then you give them feedback on it so this could be anything from inspecting interior or exterior designs or looking for hazardous parts of a house or inspecting damaged cars etc Make Money Online

so you basically just look at stuff document it and give your feedback on it now you’re probably not going to make a full-time income with this because there’s not going to be enough gigs maybe you live in an area where there is enough gigs for that but there are testimonials from people online saying they’re making like $1,000 a month for instance and they’re typically making over $20 an hour so this can be a decent one relatively easy to get into I’ll give it a 7 out of 10 opportunity score.

Next one is going to be udemy and this is a really cool website that I like a lot and basically what you’d be doing is you’d be creating an online course now there’s so many different things you could create an online course about so for instance Make Money Online

whenever I hire new people a lot of the time I will actually just look up their role on udemy and then buy a bunch of those courses and train them using that right so it’s really easy way for me to train people just buy the courses on udemy and then just give them access to those courses and then train them and guess what but there’s someone on the other side who created that course that’s making a ton of money from it and you can do this with many different things it’s not just career-related stuff it’s also make money online stuff.

It’s also completely unrelated to making money at all in many cases and here’s an example of someone who published their first course on udemy and made over $1,000 in their first 6 months and the cool thing is it’s completely automated right it was just one course they made it one time and every single month they make a couple hundred from it imagine if you created 10 courses 20 courses 30 courses you would start making the passive income that everyone talks about so yeah really good stuff I think there’s a ton of opportunity with udemy think about stuff that’s very easy for you in any job that you do or maybe something you’ve done Make Money Online

since you were a kid maybe you’re really good at an instrument for instance so it’s just really easy for you and it would be easy for you to teach someone this and then think about making a course about it now I will admit this is one where you know you’re not going to make money right away it takes a lot of time to start making a significant amount of money but your income ceiling is going to be much higher so this is a long-term play and so for that reason I can’t give it such a high score because you know it’s not something where you can actually just like make money daily you can withdraw the money anytime you want once you’ve made it but it’s not something where you can start making money like right now and so for that reason I’ll give it an 8 out of 10 opportunity score Make Money Online

next on the list is going to be text broker and there are many different websites out there that do this but basically what you’re going to be doing is getting paid to write now a lot of the time you’re going to be writing articles maybe SEO optimized blogs and that’s basically search engine optimized blogs.Make Money Online

so they’re basically search engine friendly so it’s easy for the Google search engine to kind of categorize it and also things like YouTube scripts and the key here is again to make sure that you niche down right I hate to sound like a broken record here but it’s really that important if you just say I can write anything about anything what you’re really telling people is you’re going to be extremely mediocre ER at best with any type of writing that

if you’re really good at using certain you know AI tools you can’t rely solely on the AI tools but you can use them to write faster so you can make a good amount of money but at the end of the day you need to make sure that your quality is high and of course if you just let chat GPT right everything the quality is going to be relatively low so yeah these types of websites are really good textbroker.com is pretty good as well I’ll give this one a 7.5 out of 10 opportunity score

next is going to be tutor.com and this is an online platform that connects students with tutors and you can tutor in all different subjects math history science English chemistry biology etc so basically just pick whatever subject you think that you’re really good at and tutor in that subject and they don’t say exactly Make Money Online

how much they pay on the site but from testimonials it averages about $10 to $24 an hour now the difference between this tutoring site and other tutoring sites is other sites will often times let people from outside the US be tutors and this site is us only and so that means you’re going to get paid a lot more because obviously the cost of living in the US is much higher than the cost of living in other countries so yeah this is a really good one um you do need certain computer equipment to get started you need to have like a good webcam a good computer but but it’s a really good one I will give it an 8.5 out of 10 opportunity score


The article discusses 13 different websites where individuals can earn money, some up to $50 an hour, by performing various tasks. These tasks range from virtual babysitting to freelancing on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer. Other opportunities include providing feedback on legal cases through websites like eJury, creating online courses on platforms like Udemy, getting paid to write on platforms like Textbroker, and tutoring on sites like Tutor.com.


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