Earn Free Dollars: How to Withdraw to Binance for Trading – Step-by-Step Guide

Earn Free Dollars

Earn Free Dollars: How to Withdraw to Binance for Trading – Step-by-Step Guide

Earn Free Dollars Many of you had inquired to me and even personally messaged me that Sir, our Binance account is 0.0, that means it has been liquidated, we do not even have a single dollar to trade, so kindly we have to please tell me a method from where we can earn free dollars, after earning free dollars.

we can withdraw it in Binance and then we can do trading. So my brother, what I am going to tell you in today’s post  is about an application freecash app and more. In my early days, I used to use that application to make withdrawals in Binance and then trade and I am going to give you the proof. Now, those who are new to the post, like my blogs as soon as possible. Earn Free Dollars

Earn Free Dollars

It’s okay even if you don’t. If yes then it doesn’t matter but let’s move ahead in the post, now I am going to tell you that if you are a beginner and you want to trade on Binance then you should have dollars but I know that beginners do not have money. Let’s go, my brother, direct liquidate the account, my child is fine, this is the scene, good things are less, now we come to the top topic, let’s go to the home page of the application and after coming to the home page, my brother, this is that application, what to do now?

first of all you have to create an account and creating an account is the work of children, you will do it easily and this application has been running almost for the last 6 years and is being used by all the elders. This is in the affiliate program along with wallets. Okay, now how to earn here, how to earn dollars for free, I will explain by doing live tasking Earn Free Dollars

Earn Free Dollars

Last night I completed a task. I said, friend, the dollars I have these days are gone because my 575 trades have gone into loss. It’s okay to joke, it’s better not to take it seriously. Now I am going to tell you how to earn from this application. Brother, there are games here, there are apps, there are quizzes and there is a casino. Earn Free Dollars

Now in the featured offers, we have a lot of There are all the offers, you can check with the money, my brother, on completing one offer, you are getting $24, $20 0.5, you are also getting $10, so it means you will get multiple rewards here, okay, how will you get it now and after that, how will the withdrawal be done in Binance, in how many days?

Earn Free Dollars

when the withdrawal will come, the withdrawal will come in 30 minutes. I will explain the process to you. Stay connected with me in the post. Now see the featured offers. There are many offers in front of us. I say that if you complete three offers in a day, then $10 will easily become yours. Earn Free Dollars

you will earn $60 monthly, bring $60 to Binance, after that your brother will give you a signal, you should not take tension, it is okay and this signal is not that signal, my brother is the VVIP one. I will give you a signal, okay, now I will tell you a task live, here I have driven androidp1.com, what to do after that, brother, we have to hit install, as soon as we get 0.10, what to do after getting it, my brother, what to do, tell me, install it. Sorry.

Earn Free Dollars

it’s ok, this is just a small task to do, 0.10 if I tell you, you will earn 26 27 within 30 seconds, okay leave it, friend, it is very less money, we need more because there is more loss in trading. This is the thing, now the game is wishing, now this is the game, here we are getting $4, but brother, what should we do, which gram papad has given us this full $4, okay, I am telling you the method, be patient, wishing. Earn Free Dollars

Well, how will we get $4 from the game now, what will we have to do, in the description they have again written a lecture, leave it, I will tell you in a funny way, now they say that there are metered tasks on our game, okay, you have to run, for how many meters can you run? You have to run, when you complete 100 meters, you will get 0.03,

what is this, this is wrong, it is very less, let it go, you will get good word further, as soon as you complete 500 meters, you will get 0.07, after that when you complete 1000 meters. If you complete a meter, you will get full $, similarly, if you complete 2000 meters, you will get $5, and similarly, if you complete 5000 meters, at last you will get $15 and you will get all these different rewards, if you do plus then it becomes $24, that’s it. Earn Free Dollars

This is a task and these are featured offers and apart from this, many featured offers are available with you, even there are so many offers that you will say that brother, our hands are tired but the offers are not ending, well apart from this, there is offer partner now in this application. There are many partners whose offers are also available.

Now how do we have to complete these offers and how much reward can we get? If we want to do it, then if we want to do it, then my brother, you can complete two-three tasks in the featured offers. Do three to three dollars daily and it will become yours easily. Now it is your choice whether you trade or not. Earn Free Dollars

Now I am going to tell you how we can earn through this offer partner. I click on it on time wall. And after clicking on the time wall, some other lecture came in front of us and here they say that you will get thousand points on the time wall which will be equivalent to $, okay brother, This is enough for us poor people, what is the good thing to do, I will tell you, it is a simple task, now here they have mentioned us, like and share, watch, like a post, share, what to do after sharing, to run away. And how much reward will you get? 2p 240 points, ok, almost 0.24. If we talk about Pakistani, then you are getting 90. Earn Free Dollars

Brother, it is literally very less for doing one task, because the traders will find it less, but what is it, my brother, what is the name of compulsion, thank you, ok. So what to do right now, we have to make money, after that we have to do trading, now there is no source because father will not give, brother will Earn Free Dollars

 not give money for trading, they know that brother will make this loss, he is worthless, he does not know trading, this is me. I am talking okay, I am not talking to you, now what to do next, apart from this, there is the survey partner, now what is there in the survey partner, my brother, in the survey, you all know that you have given good answers to good questions and honesty. You do not have to waste long time in answering that you are asked what is your monthly income, there is an option below 10 lakhs, you type 10 lakhs, then what will come below, my brother, Earn Free Dollars

Earn Free Dollars

sorry unfortunately you are not selected. For this survey, it is okay, this scene can happen with you honestly, you have to complete the survey and the reward of the survey is more than the reward of the task, okay, even surveys of even seven dollars are also available, so you have to complete the survey honestly. Surveys have to be given and surveys have to be completed. Okay, now let’s talk about cash out and come to cash out. After coming to cash out, your biggest tension is that how will you withdraw in Binance? I am going to tell you and In cash out also, here again he said the same lecture, let me tell you what he said in the lecture, now he says that you can withdraw [music] start from 0.5, ok 0.5 means if you have half dollar then you can withdraw.

In which crypto currency you can take it, whether you take it in Binance or in any exchanger, but I personally recommend that you take it in Binance. Okay, now my brother, which network to use for withdrawal, how to take withdrawal, I am telling you a bit. Keep everything, stay with me in the post, now here the network of Ethereum is very expensive, Ethereum Chain is so expensive, believe me, if we send $0, then it will eat 15, nothing will be left, we poor people have light coin besides this.

What coin is there in Air Term and Air Term, you know, let me tell you honestly, if after Binance I have to transfer money somewhere or do P2P, then I will use Air Term because P2P on Air Term is very secure, good methods. Scam happens here, scam has not happened with me till now, sometimes I sell and buy dollars on Air Term and whatever is on Air Term, I am also an efficient marketer because I have done it on Air Term. Had applied for affiliate. Now I am going to tell you that you have to take withdrawal in Lite Coin because there is no network fee of Lite Coin. My brother, there will be no fee here. Earn Free Dollars

If suppose you have 0.5 and you want to take withdrawal then you have to. There will be no fee here. Step number one: What you have to do is to go to Binance, extract the address of LTC from there, copy the deposit address from there, after copying, paste it here, it is okay, what to do after that. Here there is an option to save address, simply click on the option with save address, after clicking brother, your address will be saved, ok, now what to do below my brother, here there is option of amount, amount in USD, now see here. If you want, you can type manually or here I click on Max, then I have 0.27 amount, then automatically my amount will come here and below they have mentioned that the current rate of LTC is going on in dollars.

He has also mentioned that and the current value of LTC is equivalent to $75. Okay, one LTC equivalent to $75 will be considered. Current price is not known further, my brother, because you know the market, the market of crypto is very high. Volatile is sometimes on the roof and sometimes on the ground. This scene can happen but the current value is in front of you and you can see that you will not be affected at all here and whatever you earn will be given to you within 30 minutes i.e. 30. Earn Free Dollars

Within minutes you will receive it in your wallet or if you want to take it in Binance, if you take it in Binance then you can convert LTC to USDT and after converting, my brother, you can trade on any trading pair. You can, but first my brother, work on this application carefully, spend 10-15 days and earn, after earning, then withdraw whatever is available on Binance, after that you do freighting. So I hope that the things that I was trying to explain to you, You must have understood that this is all for today, we will see you in the next post, till then God Luck


The article discusses a method to earn free dollars through an application and withdraw them to Binance for trading. It highlights various tasks, games, quizzes, and offers available on the application to earn rewards, which can then be withdrawn to Binance. The author emphasizes completing tasks diligently and honestly, particularly surveys, to maximize earnings. The withdrawal process, including using Litecoin to avoid fees, is explained step by step. The author encourages users to earn through the application before venturing into trading on Binance.

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