Unlocking Success Selling AI Art Patterns on Etsy – A 30-Day Journey Revealed

AI art patterns

“Unlocking Success Selling AI Art Patterns on Etsy – A 30-Day Journey Revealed”

AI art patterns I’m gonna try to sell AI art patterns for 30 days I’ll be going over the whole process from generating to uploading to advertising with people reportedly making hundreds of thousands of dollars let’s see how much money I can make the first step is to pick an AI art generator I’ll be specifically choosing mid-journey for its features let’s generate a watercolor eggplant straight from the farm now the goal is not to generate just any art

it’s to generate patterns art that can be seamlessly repeated people use them to create scrapbooks cards notebook covers packaging and print on demand products like phone cases pillows and mugs the list goes on and on which makes patterns a potentially great product to sell there seems to be a big need for them this AI eggplant art does it seamlessly repeat so let’s make one that does to do so with mid-journey I simply need to add the command dash dash tile to the end of my prompt AI art patterns

AI art patterns

this will make the art seamlessly repeat and generate an AI pattern we got eggplants for days the plan is to sell on Etsy it is an online Marketplace that focuses on arts and crafts and is a popular place to shop patterns or what they also call digital paper to determine what patterns I should sell I’m going to use etsy’s search suggestions and e-ring a free Etsy keyword research tool to find popular niches that don’t have too much competition some

I’ve stumbled upon include certain types of flowers materials and food I wasn’t playing with those eggplants on Etsy patterns are typically sold as a 300 DPI image that measures 3600 by 3600 pixels in resolution there’s a problem mid Journey can’t export AI patterns in those measurements its maximum output is 72 DPI and 1024 by 1024 pixels that’s not going to cut it so I’m going to need to upscale there are many free AI image upscalers out there but AI art patterns

AI art patterns

I’ll be using a paid one called gigapixel AI it can convert images to 300 DPI and upscale them up to six times the original resolution so instead of upscaling to the standard 3600 I’m going 6144 pixels but hook my customers up with that premium product patterns on Etsy are usually sold in packs so I’m gonna sell mine in packs of eight with all my AI patterns generated and upscaled I’m now ready to create a listing on Etsy there are five essential elements of a digital product listing that I need to complete before publishing the first is to upload my AI patterns for my buyers to download but Etsy only lets you add up to five digital files five digital files eight patterns the math doesn’t add up how am I going to do this what AI art patterns

I’m going to do is upload all my AI patterns into a full folder on Google Drive then I’m going to grab the link to it and place it in the document I’ll include some branding my thanks and a reminder to leave a 5 star review I’m going to export the document as a PDF and then upload it to Etsy and there you have it problem solved next up the photos using Photoshop I’ve designed two templates to use one for the thumbnail which displays a title and a quick preview of all the listings patterns and one that gives a full preview of four patents with eight patterns per pack AI art patterns

AI art patterns

I’ll need to prepare two of these per listing third on the list is pricing to be real patterns on Etsy don’t sell for much they average around one to five dollars per pack on a positive note other than the initial time and money it takes to generate patterns and etsy’s fees there aren’t really any other costs the profit margin is 70 to 90 percent it’s hot I’m gonna use e-rank’s profit calculator to determine my exact pricing paying in mind etsy’s fees and a 50 discount that I’m gonna apply to all my listings my final sale price will be 2.49 the last two elements are the title and the tags AI art patterns

I’m Gonna Fill both with pop popular keywords related to digital paper and my AI patterns Niche a few good ways to come up with keywords are by looking at similar listings Etsy search suggestions e-rank and AI using chatgpt I can easily generate a bunch of different keywords to use note that chat gbt isn’t perfect so you’re going to need to know how to use it properly in the description I’ve put a free ebook that you can download that covers AI art patterns

AI art patterns

the best practices when using AI for SEO and keyword research for example one of them is to be ready to fact check your SEO findings not every keyword chat GPT gives will be good so you may want to double check them with another keyword research tool like e-rank the ebook also includes tips on using AI for marketing in general a list of the most popular AI tools right now as well as a great overview of how these AI tools are being used in marketing today it’s really interesting stuff that I recommend you download and check out this free resource is provided by AI art patterns

HubSpot which is today’s post sponsor a big thanks to them for hooking us up and publish the listing is live my eggplants are out and about now to create a bunch more listings and I mean a lot more let’s see how many AI patterns I can sell in the next 30 days so for the past week I’ve been grinding I’ve created over 100 new listings and over 800 individual AI patterns in total all I see now are just patterns everywhere to help with creating prompts AI art patterns

AI art patterns

I’ve been using the awesome mid-journey command forward slash describe let’s say I came across this pattern of oranges and wanted a prompt that could generate something similar to it I can write forward slash describe to Mid journey and then upload a file of that pattern mid Journey will then Analyze That pattern and spit out four different prompts that I can use to generate something like it’s magical and has saved me a lot of time and guesswork other than that AI art patterns

no sales so far hopefully all these new listings will bring in some soon just recently it’s a good sign not a sale it’s day 15 halfway into the challenge and I still got nothing with Etsy it does take some time for new listings to perkally into the search and algorithm but I got a challenge to complete it’s time to crank things up and turn on Etsy ads I’m going to spend one dollar a day and hope for the best the last time I turned on Etsy ads when AI art patterns

AI art patterns

I tried selling AI art prints for 30 days it landed me sales real quick so I hope I get the same luck this time around fingers crossed unfortunately luck wasn’t on my side by day 23 I still had no sales dads weren’t helping or at least they weren’t helping fast enough things weren’t looking good I’m wondering do my patterns look bad well my thumbnail is okay my titles tags prices I guess I could speculate an infinite number of reasons my best guess is that AI art patterns

there’s just a lot of competition out there that’s limiting the exposure and value of my listings my account has no reviews either which doesn’t help if I did have more time I think this is what I’d do I consider evolving the business model and actually using these AI patterns to make and sell my own print-on-demand products like mugs it’s a natural step forward that’s pretty easy to do and could not only allow me more sales but more profit per sale maybe AI art patterns

I’ll see you on day three we’ve made it to the end of the challenge before I reveal to you if it was an utter failure or if a miracle happened in the last week here are my honest thoughts selling AI patterns is not as easy as it seems everyone and their Grandma can whip up an AI pattern with mid-journey it’s dead simple but it also

AI art patterns

 leads to a very saturated Market on Etsy you can combat this by niching down on certain topics but then you still face another problem low prices to put into perspective for me to profit 100 and my listings prices I need to sell 53 packs that’s potentially 53 customers I need to convince it’s already hard enough to convince one plus I’m not even considering advertising costs to make sales you likely need to turn on Etsy ads it’s possible cut deeper intoAI art patterns

Revenue which already isn’t much which means you’ll need to sell even more AI patterns to see decent profits it’s rough okay it’s time for the reveal I sold a total number of two AI patterns one vintage lace pattern and one Navajo tribal pattern I earned a total revenue of 7.47 for my expenses mid Journey cost 31.50 for a one month subscription and that’s the ads cost 15 over 15 days Etsy also charged me 48 cents in transaction fees 73 cents in processing fees 15 cents in tax AI art patterns

AI art patterns

on seller fees and 20 cents per listing in list fees I had 107 listings so that cost me 21.40 in total my net income for this challenge is negative 61.79 dang comment below if you want to see me sell AI mugs for 30 days other than that be sure to like this post

**Summary:** The author embarks on a 30-day challenge to sell AI art patterns on Etsy. Despite efforts in generating, uploading, and advertising, the outcome is disappointing, with only two patterns sold.

**SEO Power Word:** “Unlocking”

**SEO Positive/Negative Sentiment Word:** “Disappointing”


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