Ultimate Cryptocurrency Investing Strategy Step-by-Step Guide for Profits 2024

Cryptocurrency investing strategy

“Ultimate Cryptocurrency Investing Strategy: Step-by-Step Guide for Profits”

Cryptocurrency investing strategy

This Market will print millionaires hey guys what’s going on Jeb here and in today’s post I’m going to outline exactly how to make money in cryptocurrency you see so many people get so caught up on all kinds of different ways to make money in cryptocurrency but really there’s one very simple system that every single one of you I don’t care how advanced or

how much of a noob you are in crypto are there is one simple system that every single one of us needs to adopt and I’m going to explain to you that exact step by step system in this post for how to invest and take profits in cryptocurrency in such a way that you will be almost guaranteed to make as much money as

you possibly can while minimizing your risk profile before you click off of this post if you watch until the end you will have a plan for how to plant seeds in the cryptocurrency space that you will later be able to harvest for tens of thousands hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars depending on how much money you put in and which coins you pick if you want to know the best most foolproof tried and tested way to make money in cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency investing strategy

 then stay tuned and without much further ado let’s go ahead and Dive Right on into Music it you want in on a secret one of the most important steps to Building Wealth is keeping wealth everything I tell you in this post is not going to do you very much if you get hacked and all of your money gets stolen that is

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 you’ve heard of nordvpn but maybe you’re hesitating to sign up for them don’t let some hacker come and steal your $50,000 Dogecoin position spend a little bit of money and sign up for nor VPN and stay safe while you browse online let’s get started this is going to be a relatively simple and straightforward post you know Cryptocurrency investing strategy

why because it’s relatively simple and straightforward process we have two major steps that we’re going to do to build an investment in cryptocurrency that is going to bring about major returns step number one goes like this it is a Formula I will invest blank every blank in blank on blank what do I mean by that what I want you to do is

I want you to literally grab a 3×5 card or a piece of paper or something or notepad and write out step number one I will invest blank every blank in blank on blank we’re going to fill in the blanks here in just a second this is step number one and if you click off the post after we do this step you will still be in so much of a better position than Cryptocurrency investing strategy

 you were before you started that first blank is the amount of money that you are going to invest in the cryptocurrency space after you have done your budget and you figured out your personal finances and you know how much money

 you can afford to invest maybe it’s $100 maybe it’s $11,000 maybe it is $5,000 maybe it’s $10 but you’ve got to figure out how much money you’re going to invest every what this is our second blank every week every other week every month every third month every day our second blank is the frequency so I will or if you’re married Cryptocurrency investing strategy

we will invest $200 that’s the first blank every week we will invest $500 every month we will invest $5 every day whatever it may be I recommend that you start out with an amount of money that you can afford to lose investing it every single week and specifically we’re not just going to say every week we’re actually going to say every Friday at 10:00 a.m.

Cryptocurrency investing strategy

we’re going to say every Tuesday at 400 p.m. we’re going to get really really really specific about this if you want groceries in your fridge you know what you do you go to the grocery store store every week on the same day at the same time and you know what happens you have food in your fridge every single day Cryptocurrency investing strategy

if you want sixpack abs and gigantic traps then you go to the gym every weekday at 5:00 p.m. and if you want cryptocurrency in your Investment Portfolio then you invest $200 $100 $5 $10,000 a billion dollar on a fixed schedule every Friday at 10:00 a.m. is a great time to do it

 lowest price days in the entire Market the third blank is in that blank is actually going to be filled in by step two and that is our coin portfolio in these cryptocurrencies we’re going to Define what those are in step two so we’ll come back to that and then the on blank that you just wrote is on the exchange I’m going to invest and here’s the full sentence Cryptocurrency investing strategy

 I will invest we will invest $100 every Friday at 10:00 a.m. in the altcoin portfolio that we’re about to Define on coinbase C coin blof fin links down below for blof fin they’re awesome your 3×5 card might look something like this I will invest $100 every Friday at 10:00 a.m. in we’ll fill in that blank on step two on coinbase or whatever exchange

 it may be I’m not kidding where’s ja pan I I see you I see you through this camera through space and time I know one of you is not writing I am serious get out a pen and paper and write a note you know there’s something I’m working on called the six laws of money one of the laws of money is you will not succeed unless you have a written plan so I am dead serious get out of pen get out some paper if you want to use a notepad Cryptocurrency investing strategy

 I would recommend pen and paper but if you want to use a notepad on your phone then do it write this down I’m not joking please please do what I’m saying here you will be successful you’ll be more likely to be successful if you do this all right step number two after this I’ve got another little thing to add in but

you’ve actually got a plan let’s do it step number two is we Define the portfolio allocation that’s the name of the step we split our investments up into three categories in the cryptocurrency space big cap medium cap small cap let me quickly Define all three of those the big caps are Bitcoin and ethereum the reason that

 they are their own categories because they are the only two cryptocurrencies worth over $100 billion they are the only two cryptocurrencies that either do have or very soon will have ETFs and they are the only two cryptocurrencies that are widely considered by basically everybody to be Commodities they’re in a category of their own they move on their own and they

 are the only two cryptocurrencies in this market that that I would akin to something like a blue chip in the stock market using the stock market analogy your medium caps are basically the growth stocks they are the ones that are not yet at Cryptocurrency investing strategy

 their full potential and they’ve got a lot more growth to do but they’re probably going to do very well because they’re so well established examples of this are Solana cardano Cosmos uniswap um Dogecoin and sheep are medium caps uh xrp and pretty much everything below ethereum down to about rank number 50 then Cryptocurrency investing strategy

we have the small caps that’s everything outside of rank number 50 to 100 they’re normally going to be cryptocurrencies that you would like into penny stocks they’re cryptocurrencies that could be looking for even more than a 10x over the course of the coming bull market cryptocurrencies again that are probably outside of the top 50 to the top 100 and

 they were probably not here during the last bull market default here is how I want you to allocate your investment every single week that we just Define in Step One into these altcoins but there’s a few things I must mention first first and foremost part of being financially Sovereign is making decisions for Cryptocurrency investing strategy

yourself please do not allow me to make decisions for you I want you to take everything I’m giving you back to thought and prayer and I want you to think about it before you do it because you need to be self- Sovereign over your own Investments this is not Financial advice I’m not telling you what to do but I am giving you a step-by-step process that

 if you if you follow you will likely be extremely successful the second thing I need to mention here is that you have to make sure that you understand the altcoins that you’re investing in if you buy an altcoin you are now a fractional owner of that Network which means by right you have some sort of obligation to properly Steward that coin Cryptocurrency investing strategy

 you are now an owner of that coin you’re a fractional owner of that Network which means if you’re planning on buying a cryptocurrency you need to understand it you need to acre knowledge in it because we know knowledge leads to understanding understanding leads to wisdom and the fruits of wisdom are all good things with those two caveat out of the way let’s talk about the ratios because

we’re going to do everything by ratios we start off with 30% of however much money you’re going to put in every week or month whatever the number is 30% goes into Bitcoin and ethereum divide that however you want start out at 20% into Bitcoin 10% into eth but you can move around the percentages then put 40% of the weekly allocation into the medium caps into those quote unquote growth stocks growth cryptocurrencies again Cryptocurrency investing strategy

 only putting altcoins in this section that you understand that you’ve done research on that you’ve looked at the charts on you’ve looked into the team you kind of know the purpose behind them you know where they’ve been where they’re likely to go you know if something bad happens to them if salana is in this bucket then you knew the day that it went out that it went out because you’re keeping track of these things then we’re going to

 put the final 30% into the small cap these are again like the penny stocks these are cryptocurrencies that could go boom or bust they could 10x or they could go to zero and thus we only have about 30% of our investment in there because we’re talking about 3 to 8X in the big cap and medium caps we’re going to put 70% there because Cryptocurrency investing strategy

if we do 3 to 8X every few years we going to be worth millions of dollarss if we run that forward several years if we run that forward a few decades we want to build sustainable practices that if we did for 5 10 20 30 40 50 years we would be very very successful even if you are um looking at retirement in 10 years what could you do that in 10 years is going to be successful for the duration of the 10 years this is not a get-rich quick scheme this is a get-rich wisely scheme cool after you have set the broad allocation 30 4030 is

how you ought to start you can adjust that based on your risk tolerance after you you have set those allocations then you will set the sub allocations into the specific coins that fall into those buckets in Bitcoin and ethereum for example you might put 20% into Bitcoin 10% into ethereum in the medium caps if you’ve got 10 medium caps and there’s 40% going there then you might just put a blanket 4% into each one of them same thing with the small caps remember Cryptocurrency investing strategy

only putting altcoins in any of those buckets that you actually understand and you’re keeping up with at least to some degree by the way the degree to which you keep up with these altcoins ought to match the degree to which they make up your portfolio if you have an altcoin that makes up 1% of your portfolio maybe you don’t spend much time paying attention to it if you’ve got an altcoin that makes up 23% of your portfolio then

 you ought to be spending a lot of time paying attention to it because you have a greater risk since you have a greater position in that coin last but not least there is one more step and this is step three we’re going to set aside 25% of whatever we Define that we’re going to invest weekly into a cash account this can go into usdc generating 5.1% this can go into tether generating 4% this can go into a savings account Cryptocurrency investing strategy

 a high yield savings account generating 4.97% we’re going to put this into our crypto equivalent of a money market account and it’s going to generate interest and it is going to be sitting on the sidelines in case a market crash occurs most of the billionaires that are billionaires right now most of the people that are very successful in real estate and stocks are successful because they had low debt load and a pile of cash

 when 2008 hit they didn’t have to go and borrow $100 million to buy $100 million of property they had $100 million so they bought $100 million of property that was actually worth 500 million and then when it doubled from the pre2 2008 highs they made 10x and that’s what you’re going to be able to do if you have cash on the side so set aside a quarter of whatever you budgeted to invest in crypto every single week into a cash account

whether that be in US Dollars whether that be in a savings account whether that be in usdc put it in either a stable coin or into pure cash in a bank account so that you have money to invest should a major market crash occur then you can double the dollar cost averaging that you put into the market every single week draining that savings account you do this to lower the average cost basis as much as you can on the investment side so that Cryptocurrency investing strategy

you can get the largest return possible when you sell final component I want to mention here is that when you start getting towards all-time highs then you flip the switch for a little while you may stop investing allog together and invest purely into cash or stop investing at all and put everything into your retirement or something and then from there once you start getting above all-time high you start slowly flipping the script instead of once a week you buy once a week you sell and you start dollar cost averaging out and now you have a lump suum of cash you can use that cash to pay off your mortgage you can use that lump suum of cash to throw into a retirement account so

 you can retire earlier you can put that cash into a uh into treasuries or uh cash so that you can buy when you uh have a major bar Market come here in a couple of years whatever you do with the cash that cash is your profit make sure you set aside probably about 30% of it for taxes because you’re going to make a lot of money and Cryptocurrency investing strategy

 you’re going to have to pay taxes on that enjoy the other 70% and prosper that’s how you invest and be successful in crypto guys it’s not very complicated but nobody’s ever told you that because everybody’s trying to tell you oh you just need this manyi Bitcoin you just need this manyi salana that’s great like I love that but this is the actual stepbystep process I hope this has been helpful if it has make sure to hit that like button for more content because

we’ve got a lot more coming if you’ve not already make sure to sign up for nordvpn by going to nordvpn.com jev or by using the link in the description box down below and protect the wealth that you’re about to build with this plan for the duration of the bull market I hope you did enjoy today’s post but before I go I do just first want to thank each and every single last one of you for watching as always and I will see you guys in the next post peace oh I got a real good feeling got a real good feeling like there is light in deep in my bones yeah I got a real good feeling I won’t hit no ceiling I’m going high good than I’ve ever know I got a real good feeling

Summary: This article outlines a step-by-step system for investing and profiting in cryptocurrency, emphasizing the importance of a written plan and understanding the altcoins being invested in. It advises on portfolio allocation, risk management, and setting aside cash for potential market crashes. The article also promotes NordVPN for online security while browsing.


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