Unlocking Profit: Make Money online with AI in 2024 – Easy Steps!

Make Money Online with AI

“Unlocking Online Profit: Make Money with Quick AI in 2024 – Easy Steps!”

Make Money online with AI

Make Money Online with AI In this post I’m going to tell you how to make money online using quick AI the best thing is we’re going to be using an AI app that literally just came out today so you guys who are liked me you’re seeing this for the first time and anybody else who comes across this post apart from the guy that created it

Make Money Online with AI

I’m going to tell you exactly how to make money with this in a few simple steps and the best thing about this is you won’t need your own website to do this because I do know that a lot of people don’t like creating websites it can be pretty complicated when in there trying to make money online and you can do this worldwide Make Money Online with AI

 Now quickly before we get into this post Happy New Year it’s 2024 now so I’m going to tell you how to make money in 2024 I’ll tell you how to make money let’s go all right guys so a few days ago I got an email from my affiliate marketing manager from Printery now I promote this product however this isn’t about affiliate marketing and I usually don’t actually check affiliate newsletters they just usual stuff that I don’t really read

however I read this one and I found something interesting Printery have now got their own AI generator and so what I did is I clicked on learn more to find out what this was about and printer 5 we’ll talk about what this is in a second how you can make money but they now have an AI generator where that you can generate images inside their platform Make Money Online with AI

Make Money Online with AI

and this is going to be very important throughout this post and so what I did is I actually went and tried it and it’s pretty insane and to be honest it’s very scary because it’s just nuts how fast AI is going and what we can do with it now so first of all I’m signed into Printery and we can do all sorts of stuff like we can design candles journals magnet stickers hoodies sweatshirts and t-shirts and what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to go with journal for this example

we usually do stickers but we’re going to go with journal and we’re just going to go go with a basic hard cover Journal now what I can do is I can go down to start designing now if you don’t know what this is this is called printer and we can create um t-shirts and stuff like that and we don’t send them out like we don’t hold stock this company does it for us so we can see this is a nice kind of picture here Make Money Online with AI

 now I don’t really know much about journals cuz I don’t have one or anything but I’m going to go ahead and click Start design and I’m going to go AI image generator and what I’m going to do is we can first pick a style now I’m going to kind of go with maybe a I’m not really too sure we might go off a bit of a fantasy art and I’m going to potentially do like an ocean for example like a nice ocean with some backgrounds

Make Money Online with AI

I’ll write something in and we’ll see what we can come back with all right so what I’ve done is I’ve gone with the lake instead of an ocean I’ve got a beautiful picture with a lake and mountains in the background we’re going to click enhance prompt so we can enhance this prompt and we’re going to go ahead and create this uh generate this image and this is insane because we don’t really have to use any other AI generation tools

we can use the tools in one place with this platform and it’s actually come out out better than I thought to be honest I really like this one you got to remember this is the first version of this so it’s not going to be amazing but it’s pretty good we’re going to now click on this and we’re going to see what it can do and it did a little I don’t kind of like how it did a little thing there we kind of have to upscale a little bit which is a little bit of annoying to be honest but that’s okay Make Money Online with AI

Make Money Online with AI

 we can get this going uh here this is probably better for stickers we’ll do a sticker as well but let’s just do this and there we have we’ve gone ahead and created this I’m going to say product not does say low resolution because we had to upscale it so that’s not the best but let’s go ahead and see what it came out like and that actually looks amazing awesome so that’s it right there that’s the back cover I think and I think this is the oh that’s the that’s the front that’s the back let’s have a look at it here on the yeah actually let’s have a look at this one cuz we actually see with the black background that’s dope that’s actually super dope Make Money Online with AI

Make Money Online with AI

I probably would have like like to have centered it a little bit more so the sun was kind of on the front page maybe that would have been nice but there you go I went ahead and created a nice looking Journal easy okay now I want to go ahead and do a sticker we’re going to go back to dashboard here and we’re just going to go with actually maybe we’ll do ornaments now I know Christmas is over but let’s just do a Christmas example um just for like hey let’s say next year right or maybe Easter or something like that Make Money Online with AI

Make Money Online with AI

but let’s just go ahead and do this because it’s going to be quite easy to do because all we have to do is say hey hey we want to do this in like a uh we could do anime but we’ll do like a um origami looks nice we’re do a digital art and I’ll write something up okay so Santa putting presents under Christmas train house very basic we can enhance the prompt so that’s fine and there’s actually some examples down here which look quite good Make Money Online with AI

Make Money Online with AI

and we can actually do another prompt yeah we’ll do that one we can do another prompt so it’ll just keep giving us prompts until we find one that’s suitable for us all right guys I had to do that again because apparently it contained a word that I couldn’t use anyway this looks quite good I I think I’m going to go off this one here and this is our aut it changed to a bell for some reason I don’t remember doing that but that’s okay so we have the front side and the the back side

I’ll go ahead and um add another design we’ll go ahead and just add this one for example so we have two two here you would probably actually no that’s silly how are we doing that we’ll just double it up that doesn’t make sense um so let’s go AI generated and let’s put this one on here as well and there we go front and back cool and then we go save product and now Make Money Online with AI

we have this Christmas ornament for example uh right here that we could sell next Christmas or we could do an Easter one for Easter or or whatever public holidays coming up or whatever like just some sort of autal like Valentine’s Day for example I have no idea I’m just spitballing but I’ve now tolled you the AI in process but how can you actually go ahead and make money with this I’m going to tell you a couple of ways because now Make Money Online with AI

we can generate content so easily so let’s break it down on how you can make money with this all right guys I’m going to tell you a couple ways to make money with this if you actually scroll down you’ll see here it says listing details and you might be wondering what that means now what this means is we can actually go ahead and let just get rid of these tips here we can set a profit margin right here and we can actually sell this particular product Make Money Online with AI

so I could put 60% in or if I if I like so I could get a 60% margin we’re going to make around about $11 us profit if we sell this particular product but where do we actually sell this now what we can do is we can actually publish this it’s got all of the details right here on a website called Etsy printify connects to Etsy in the back end and we don’t have to do anything we can literally list it on YY and people make lots of money on it

so let’s go ahead and put in something something like stickers or journals or just anything really and you can see that there’s these stickers that we could potentially go ahead and sell so there’s a single sticker here there’s these animal stickers which are really really cool and we can go ahead and sell stickers now we can sell a bundle or we could sell singular and you’re probably going to be selling uh singular in this case but we can go ahead and sell stickers

now what you could also do is you could go to something like your own this is called trade me this is a my country and this is like a sell and trade website kind of like Craigslist or eBay and I looked for journals and I could sell journals on this website as well now I can’t connect printer fight to it so I would actually have to do that manually but that is another option as well so the first option is to sell it on a website like YY or other websites eBay local websites as well

right now another way that you can make money with this is actually setting this up for other people so we’re going to use this brand new tool that just came out with chat GPT so this is a plugin for chat GPT it’s called gig Creator by a guy called West Frank W Frank that’s not me by the way it’s another guy called Frank on YouTube

I just saw his video regarding this particular tool now what we can do is we we can go to Fiverr for example and we can go ahead and create a listing where we will go ahead and create Etsy stores with products and everything for everybody else so if we actually um look at this one here I will create design and set up your Etsy shop with SEO listings now they have 400 reviews so they they have actually sold quite a few of these and if we go to the premium package they’re selling for around about $184 basic one about $50 Etc

what we can do is we can go so if you don’t know what Fiverr is essentially somewhere where you can do these gigs and set them up but we don’t have to set them up now with chat GPT because of chat GPT now if we go back to this here always we have to do is put in a title of our Fiverr gig and I’ve just gone ahead and copied one from Fiverr just because it’s easier uh for this tutorial and it says

I will set up an Etsy shop and design Etsy products and um I’ll just say and design Etsy digital products okay I’ll just leave it like that and we’re going to go ahead and tell chat GPT to do this for us and this is what it does it creates us a full Fiverr gig literally literally within minutes it’s doing it in real time right now in front of your eyes

what it’s doing is it creates us a um kind of like our packages we get our basic standard and premium which is if we go over to here we’ve got basic standard premium it creates the description for us it creates the FAQ section for us and then it creates what details are needed to complete the order now obviously this isn’t going to be bang on perfect for you you are going to have to go and take some of this and edit it Etc

but all we have to do is go into Fiverr join and then start a gig and we simply copy and paste over this information and we can go ahead and we can sell Etsy shops setting them up all you have to do is go to Etsy and create an account go to Printery create an account use that AI bot that I just described you to create the digital products that go inside it and then you can optimize it for SEO

you can even use chat GPT to do stuff like that all right guys that’s how you can make money online with AI right now make sure to like because in my next post will dive deeper into Ai and how you can make money online with it this uh bot is really cool by the way and you can go and check out the Creator’s Channel which is called uh West GPT where he actually created this he literally just dropped this today and I thought I’m going to check it out I need to do a post on this because this is absolutely insane I’ll meet you guys in the next post

Summary: This post introduces a new AI tool for generating images and explores how to use it to make money online. It discusses creating customizable products such as journals and stickers using an AI image generator within a platform called Printify. The post then outlines two main ways to monetize this process: selling the products on platforms like Etsy or Trade Me, and offering services to set up Etsy shops for others using the AI tool.


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