Earn Money Watching Ads 2024: Complete Guide to Rewards, Points, and Gifts with Basic Information Pro App


Earn Money Watching Ads 2024: Complete Guide to Rewards, Points, and Gifts with Basic Information Pro App

Earn Money Watching Ads 2024 See here, you can earn by watching ads. See here, small ads are being given to you on which you will complete the ads. Assalam, welcome and welcome back to the basic information pro. Friends, today when I woke up in the morning and I had many  People are earning from this application. See,

you are just using your mobile phone and you are not doing anything. I will tell you a small task in this video that you have downloaded and kept with you. After that, this application will automatically earn you money on daily basis and it will be beneficial for you, you will receive money sitting at home, you will receive gifts sitting at home and here you do not have to make any investment,

absolutely free of cost, you can use this application. You can earn money while living in Pakistan or in any corner of the world, you can earn money from this application if you have already downloaded this application or if you are hearing about this application for the first time. If

If you are still watching this video then do not skip it because in this video I will tell you such important things that after listening to them your earning will double and triple and I will also give such tricks by which you will be able to earn a lot, so watch the video. You have to follow it completely, you have to see it from beginning to end so that if you can earn money from this app.

Earn Money Watching Ads 2024

Then how will it work, how will the account be created, how will the withdrawal be done, how will the earnings reach us, how will we receive the application which is sending us gifts, and know the complete details. If you watch this video completely, then subscribe quickly if you are new on the channel. So, let’s start the video.

Yes friends, the application has come on the mobile screen and is open in front of us. You have to watch the video from beginning to end. This is so that you understand each and every step and you do not make any mistake anywhere. If you watch the video by skipping it, you will not understand and you will

not be able to earn from this application. Okay, so first of all let’s talk about the account on this application. How will you create an account? To create an account, you have to tap on the Getting Started button, after that you will simply enter your

new page. It will be written here, please enter your invite code. Now the invite code that you are seeing on the screen is the same. You have to write it here, I will also type it here and show you, we have to write it in capital, okay, look here, BIP CKP 10,

okay, BIP CKP 10, you have to write this code, okay, after that you have to click on I Agree. And after you click on continue, you have to wait till google2, after a few seconds a page like this will appear in front of you, what you have to do is to continue from here, now let me tell you an important thing that some people who  If you are

new and are signing in to a new application, then when you are asked to continue, you are asked for permission, so you should not worry, this application will not access your personal data. And only a little access is asked for the location.

It is fine so that when you walk a few steps here, to count those steps, this application takes your only one location access. Apart from that, this application does not ask you for anything. If you do not get access, then it is okay, then here you can see that our account has been created, the application is open in front of us,

see here how you can earn from here in step number one, friends, so first of all this application helps you to walk on foot. It is earning that means if you keep walking, your steps will be counted and you will get points on that. Okay, first of all, if you go anywhere on daily basis, then of course you turn on this application

and after that if you keep walking, then your  Earning will continue here, your steps will be counted here and after that you will convert your steps, how to do that, I will explain to you later, okay, at present this battery is showing here that you have kept this battery green. Okay, in step number one,

You have to listen to this thing carefully and follow some steps on a daily basis. It is okay. As long as you keep walking, your battery will remain charged and will remain green. After that at 12:00 in the night, you can claim your points. You can do this before 12:00 o’clock, I will explain this to you later. Okay, this is

step number one that we can earn from here by walking. Apart from that, here you can see that below you will get the option  You will get the bonuses, you have to simply click on the bonuses, now see here, you can earn by watching ads, see here, small ads are being given to you below, on which you will complete the ads, you will get 20 CKP on the ad.

Points will be given: Some pay 40, some pay 60, some pay more, some pay less. Similarly, this application is giving you earning for watching ads. Okay, first of all, if you want to watch these ads, you have to click on them. It is written here Welcome 20 Point CKP. Okay, here

you have to watch three video ads. When you watch three video ads, you will be given 20 CKP points. Here you have to click on watch. Now watch here. Ads will start appearing in front of you,

okay like this ad will be completed, after a few seconds this ad will be completed, after that you have to close this ad, our ad has been completed, above you are getting this cross button, you simply click on this. You have to cross it. As soon as you cross it, understand that one of your ads here has been completed. Okay, look here, one of our ads has

been completed. Okay, in the same way, as soon as you see the ads, you will start earning. The remaining will be done, I watch two ads, after that I make you check the earnings. You can see that I have watched three ads, made three clicks

and see here you have earned 20 CKP points. Okay, now we get 20 CKP points. You can also see here that you have to watch all these ads on a daily basis. Yes, you can earn CKP points.

Now I will explain to you further how to convert these CKP points. Here 200  You can earn CKP points easily. Now let me tell you a very interesting thing that their lucky draw is going on in which you are being given a draw. Click on it.

Now let me tell you about the lucky draw. In which you have watched three ads. When you watch three ads, you will be given a ticket here. Okay, now see here, Tickets are available till Wednesday 3 PM. This is what you are being told here.

Now if you watch this here,  We will watch this lucky draw for a limited period, this is not life time, it will last as long as this date has been told to you, okay, and what you have to do is to click on the watch and watch ads from here, okay, here you have only And you have to watch only three ads, after that you will be given a ticket. Okay, to watch the ads, you have to

click on the watch. When you complete three ads, see here, you will be given a ticket. Now I am watching three ads. I will watch the ad, after that I will show how we got the ticket. Friends, here you can see that I have completed the ads and what we have is a lucky draw ticket, which has been

given to us, okay. Now this ticket will remain with us, now they will do a lucky draw and as soon as our name appears in the lucky draw, this drone camera will be gifted to us. Okay, this is a very amazing thing, they have here. After that, friends, you will get the option of Account, you have to

click on it, here you will get the option of Invite Friends, you have to click on it, now this option is for you, it is very best, you have to listen carefully. Okay, see here, this is your invite code. Okay, you have to copy this or you can copy the link also.

You can also copy the invite code. If you invite your friend with your link and he joins with your link. You will get one CKP point and your friend will get one CKP point. Okay, apart from that, step number two is Earn More with the Friends You Invite.

If you invite your friend and you, your friend reaches 200 CKP points. Well, that means he will complete 200 CKP points within a day anyway because through these tasks you can easily complete 200 CKP points within a day, so as soon as he completes,

both of you and  He will also be given 20 CKP points absolutely free. Okay, if this thing is cleared, then you have to use this option and you have to get a lot of benefit from this option. Apart from that, here you will get the option of rewards. You have to click on it and you

can see in the rewards that when your CKP becomes 8650 i. e. approximately 8500 CKB points, then here you will get the rewards which are being given to you absolutely free here, see these bicycles etc. There are more products

in the future that will come here. Their products are updated on a daily basis. Different products come and they are updated here. Now you will think that how will we get it? Friends, for example, you would have reached 8500 CKP points. And you want that you

have to give your address and within seven days they will deliver the parcel to your home. Okay you will not take any withdrawal of earnings here, here you will get a lot of money. Fun rewards are being given. Okay, if you live somewhere in Pakistan or in any other country, then do not worry,

wherever you are, you will give your address. You will not have to pay any charges here, you will not have to pay any service charges. No, these gifts will be delivered to you at your home absolutely free of cost. Now if you are thinking that maybe we may not get this gift, then your question is absolutely right

if you do not get this then what will you do then here is the proof. But you have to come to your account, you will be getting the option Contact Us, you have to click on Contact Us, as soon as you click on Contact Us, then you can see that as proof of their facebook sign up.

in, you can see their instagram2. You can also check when you are here that this application is absolutely 100% real application, if you work on it then you can get very good gifts from here and you can imagine yourself that people get gifts from here.

We are also posting our screenshots. Now it comes to the question of how to convert the points here. See, you have to convert your steps daily before 12:00 pm. Okay, convert here. You will be getting the button of steps, all the steps will be there, now at the moment it is

not mine, as soon as you have some steps here, you have to convert and those points which are your steps will also be converted into points of C. Okay, if you do not convert these points before 12 o’clock, then after 12:00 o’clock you will not see your steps, they will be dismissed. Okay, so make sure that

you do it before 12:00 o’clock every night. Convert your steps, now let’s talk about which application is this, where do we have to download this application, then you have to go to the website and write there, let’s learn, okay, as you write, the application will appear in front of you, all the ratings. End reviews will be in front of you, here you can check. Okay, I told you about the referral code, you can definitely use it. If you want to get free CKP points here.

Summary: This article guides users on earning through an app by watching ads. It details how users can create an account, watch ads for CKP points, convert steps into points, participate in a lucky draw, and redeem rewards without any investment. Additionally, it highlights the referral system for additional points and emphasizes the legitimacy of the app’s rewards.

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