Unlock Your Earning Potential with DigiStore24: Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online


Unlock Your Earning Potential with DigiStore24: Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online

DigiStore24 If you ask me which side hustle a beginner can simply do and make money, then I’m going to tell you this post that you’re about to read is the real answer to your questions. As you can see right here, I created this account to try this out and I’ve already generated over $980 with this very strategy that I’m going to show you from the Dig Store. All you need for this strategy is your smartphone, your internet connection, and dedication.

Alright, so I’m going to simply work on how everything works and how you can make your money on this platform without stress. This is Dig Store 24, and I’ve made several posts about this platform. I just discovered this strategy that can as well make you money and this perfect niche. Don’t skip this post because if you skip this post, you’re going to skip the important part of this post and you might not make money with this strategy.

So, I advise you to focus on this post and read till the end. If you’re new to my channel, if this is your first time on my channel, my name is John Francis. What I teach is how to make money online, internet marketing, blogging tutorials, anything that’s related to making money online, that’s what I publish here. Alright, so if any of these topics interest you, I want you to hit that subscribe button, subscribe to my channel, and turn on the Bell notification icon so that whenever I post posts like this, you’re going to be the first to see it.

So without further ado, I’m going to simply go to the point and work you through on how you can make your money on this platform and cash out on a daily basis. If you want to make money on this platform, you have to make sure you head over to this platform. You have to search for Dig Store 24. Then, this is Dig Store 24 right here.


You have to simply click on this sign-up button. DigiStore24 So, for you to start making money, you have to make sure you register your account. Okay, so this particular website is available no matter where you’re reading from.

This account is working perfectly for me and I’m not using VPN for this. Alright, if you find it difficult to register your account on this platform, I will advise you to click the link in the post description and join us on our telegram channel. You can chat with me from there. I’m going to assist you to create your account, alright?

Create your account by adding your public username right here or your email and your password. Repeat the same password here, then select that you are an affiliate. Alright, so as an affiliate, all you want to do is to promote people’s product and get paid. Alright, so a vendor comes here to add his product then the affiliate will promote.

DigiStore24 Okay, so after adding all of the details, click on this continue button and get your account registered. And once your account is registered, you’re going to come back to this session that says dashboard, right? So, this is going to be your dashboard and you can simply come to this session that says Marketplace.

I’m going to simply work you on the best niche that will help you to generate a lot of money. This niche is trending and it has a high buying power. Okay, and I will advise you to focus on this post because I’m going to simply show you about this niche and how you can get traffic to this niche and make more money. DigiStore24

Alright, this one can pay you $119 and this one can pay you $45, $43, and if you scroll down, you’re going to see these ones that can pay you 23, 22. I would advise you to focus on those that can pay you a huge amount of money so that once you make a sale then you know you’ve made a sale. Okay, I advise you to go for the supplement niche, anything related to supplements for weight loss, you can go for that and make money with this strategy. So, if you want to go for this, you have to make sure you select any of these.

Okay, simply scroll down a little bit then you have to select the one that pays a huge amount of money. Alright, so this one pays $282 so I want something that people can really buy. DigiStore24 Like this one that says top mail enhancement solution supplement and the rest.

So, if you click on this landing page right here, then you’re going to see the sales page. We have to first of all discover people’s problem then give them a solution to this problem. Okay, so if I go back to this session here, this traffic method that I’m going to show you will determine the type of product you’ll be giving to your audience, alright? So, we’re not going to be getting a product blindly without having an audience at heart.

Okay, so for you to make money in anything you do, you have to discover people’s problems then you give them a solution to their problem then they will pay you money for solving their problem, alright? So, this is what we’re going to be doing in this post. You need to just simply come back to Kora, right here. DigiStore24

Then if you search for the best supplement, if you type the best supplement, it’s going to bring out what are the best weight loss drugs, medicine, and supplements. Okay, so one says, “What is the best supplement to take if you are trying to gain more? ” So, this one says, “What is the best supplement to naturally boost testosterone? ” Alright, so these are people’s problems.

These are people’s problems. Then, we give them a solution to the problem, okay? So, what we have to do, let’s say we want to lose weight. Or the weight loss right here.

So, let’s click on this one right here. Okay, so you can see the question right here. DigiStore24 What are some of the best supplements to lose extra body weight?

Okay, so if you scroll down, you’re going to see people’s answers. This one answered, I will try to reach you out. I hope this is interesting to read, blah blah blah, can see the lengthy answer he gave here. If you scroll down right here, you’re going to see more of the answers people have already given.

And if you come to this session, you can see a number of people that have already seen this post. 10,000 answers. And then you can see right here upvote over 2. 3K upvotes, okay?

You can see right here that this particular question is trending. That means people are really searching for the answers to this question, okay? This person, after answering the question, gave some links. Okay, you can see some links from that here.

These are product recommendations, okay? He provided an answer, a detailed answer. Then at the end of the answer, he gave a recommendation. DigiStore24

Okay, so these recommendations might be your affiliate link. It might be your affiliate link or maybe your own product that you’re trying to promote. Okay, so we have already discovered people’s problems. Then I want to give them the solution to their problem at this moment, okay?

So what we have to do, let’s say we want to promote our own separate product. Okay, at the ending part of this article. Okay, the next thing you have to do is simply highlight this. Then click on this copy button.

Then come back to your Kora. Then click on this answer button, okay? You have to simply answer this question, paste your answer here. Okay, and you can simply correct all of these mistakes from Chat GPT.

The answer is ready as well, okay? You can tell them. DigiStore24 Then you come back to your account.

This is our affiliate. Copy this again. Then come back to your Kora. Then you can simply go and share the link.

Let’s see what the link looks like. Okay, it is very obvious that it is coming from Dig Store 24. So, we’re going to simply. DigiStore24

I’m going to share the link by going for URL SH. Now, then scroll down. Most of these URL SH now have some kind of. .

. I don’t know if it is a virus or what. Sometimes if you add them to your Kora, you might get your account terminated and the rest, okay? So, I will advise you to make sure you use popular URLs like Bitly or TinyURL.

Okay, so if you select this one, allow it to load, paste it here, click on “Shorten ”, then copy it. Then the next thing I’m going to do is simply head back to my Kora. Then add it here. Okay, can add it here.

DigiStore24 It has already turned into a link, okay? So, this is it. This is our link and anybody that clicks on this link is going to simply go to our affiliate link, okay?

So, if you want to convert this to a link, you can simply convert it to a link, okay? And so, if you want to make it bold, you can well make it bold by clicking on this and then clicking on this “Post” button. Once you publish this on Kora, a lot of people visit this particular website to search for the same questions.

I am also going to be seeing your answer, okay?

And you end up getting a lot of traffic to your Dig Store 24 link and then you make a lot of money with this strategy.

This is totally for free and anybody can do this with your smartphone, with your desktop, and earn a lot of money, right?

So, if you have any question on this, I advise you to drop it down in the comment section.

If you have anything bothering you, click the Telegram link in the post description and join us on our Telegram channel.


I’m also going to be there to reply to you, okay?

If you want to earn your first $300 online, the post is showing you your screen right now, which is going to help you to achieve that.

Thank you guys for reading this post.


The article guides beginners on leveraging the Dig Store 24 platform to make money online. It covers the steps to sign up, choosing profitable niches, identifying problems, offering solutions, and promoting products through engaging platforms like Quora.


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