Cash In on Earnings: Mastering Account Setup & Prolific Posting Strategies 2024


Cash In on Earnings: Mastering Account Setup & Prolific Posting Strategies 2024

Earnings Work is only the one who pays, today again we have started talking about the fact that some are calling it ‘F’ and some are calling it ‘Fun’. This application has created a stir everywhere because this application is associated with Google. As your likes increase, followers increase. Increases, you start earning, it is a very simple task, there is no difficult task, whenever a website comes, do that earning to boost yourself, I say, it opens the doors as you are doing this right now.

Have you also seen how much earning has been done, apart from this, your payment from Adson comes on every 21st day, simply in your bank account, if you have youtube2 followers, 4000 hours watch time, due to which you become disappointed and you stop working from today.

You create an account on this application, I will tell you how to create an account and post, how you can do 255 to 30 posts in a minute, like this, you have to watch the video till the end, do not skip the video at all.

There is an application, you can also take advantage and earn dollars, there is no need for investment in education etc. Now let’s go to the first screen which is the application, you can earn from the official one. Simply go here and click on Get Started. After clicking on Started, you have to sign up from Gmail from here.

Simple, sign up from Gmail. Ok, after signing up, you have to write the name of your profile here. You have to keep the name of the profile unique, either today we will learn about shoes. Let’s make our sites related to it.


Otherwise, motivation is a good name. You got a simple chat. You went to him and gave him a quotation. Give me 20 unique quotations.

You have to choose any one name from here. Have you given any name? You have to keep a unique name which has never been available before. Next, we have kept the name of our page, we have kept the name of the

application, after that you have to put your profile picture, profile page, you have to put your authentic one, go to the document from here. Let me put a picture, take it, I have put my pic and set it up, it is simple, you signed up first, after signing up, you named your page, after naming the page, you did not do anything, just put your pic, okay.

It is absolutely simple, after that you enter the bio, then you go to the chat GPT, you have to give a simple small command, write, you give the bio of 50 characters, he gives you the bio, you click on the bio here, your bio is also done.


Your a profile picture has also been placed, after this you will have to go to Canva to add a photo cover. Simply login to Canva with your email. After logging in, you have to click on Create Design.

Till now, the size of the fan is: Have you not received the photo cover? You have to select the cover from here. Simply edit any one related to motivation or whatever you like and apply it. Simple, I am telling you how to apply it.

Let’s take this. Let’s download it, it’s downloaded, right clicked, went to download and simple, we adjusted our photo cover here and put it, our work is done, our profile has been written, our account has also been created. We have also written the bio, now the simple work we have to do is simply post how to do it from where we will earn.

The more we post, the more will be our followers, the followers will increase, your earning will also increase, here you can post the links of your profile etc. You can also apply it on Kava. After going to Kava, you clicked on create design. After clicking on create design, you chose from here.


You can also change the design of the egra poster and anything from your side. If you want to add, you can do that simply by creating such a post and clicking here. You have to upload four to five posts daily.

Day by day, your followers increase. As your followers increase, your earning will start. And the earning will increase a lot, now you know how to make a post, how to do it and I will make you an easy way, there are 20 to 25 posts daily, how you can make four to five minutes, okay, you have to come here on chat GPT, you have done it.

You have to write simply, you have to come here and chat, you have to tell him to give me 20 quotations about motivation, that is, give me 20 quotations which are related to motivation, just simple, you have to do this work, you have to do this much work, you have to copy it from here, first we will start from here.

Let’s make it one by one, if we make it as per our choice, then simply you have to make it like this from here, okay, in this way you have to download this post and one by one you have to upload it, in this way it will take time, simply you have to do this from here.

Come, you have to take these 20 quotes, I told you the command, you have to copy it, after copying you have to dock Google2 and from here you have to click on Sheets, go to the dock and click on Sheets and here just simple paste it which will appear in your Pass 20 Quotations: You have taken the GP test, after that you have to click on the file. After clicking on the file, you have to click on download. You have to download it in just CSV format and not in any other format.


You have downloaded it in just CSV format. You have downloaded it, after downloading the file, you have to come to your Canva again. After coming to Canva, you have to click on Apps. As soon as you click on Apps, you have to search for boot here and this option will appear in front of you.

It will come, okay, after this you have to upload the file which you had just downloaded, okay after that you have to come here, come here and right click, above this the option of three dots will come, you have to click on connect data here. After clicking on Connect Data, click on Continue, all your posts which you have created will be uploaded here in just a few seconds. You can see how the

magic happens, all your posts will be uploaded here within a few seconds. You have also uploaded in CSC files, after that after coming here you have to simply download them, go to share, click on download, all these will be downloaded here, after downloading you will get such a file. You have to right click, after right click you have to accept it. Okay, take 20 posts in a second.


You have got the simple way.

I told you such an interesting thing, the way I told you step by step, absolutely step by step.

You have to work and then you see how much the earning is, it is

simple, you have to come back to your profile, after coming to the profile, you have to click on the plus sign, after that you have to click on New Post, go to the gallery and you You just have to select, your post is done here, in this way you have to keep posting one by one and you will

not be able to do anything else, post more, in this way, In sha Allah, your earning will increase as much as your followers increase, in the same way, your earning will increase.

It will increase one by one hopefully, so you have understood it completely, get this application today and start working.

In sha Allah, you will earn very well if you do this.


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